The Huddle at 1740


I am on the Huddle again tonight, with Josie Pagani.

Our topics so far are:

First up Mediaworks goes into receivership but manages to survive – AGAIN – I’m not sure how they manage it but they do. It’s not looking too peachy keen though on the IRD bill number. It looks like  they’re not going to get off that one. 

Then we’ve got the report on the “manufacturing crisis”. Unfortunately the release of this has coincided with manufacturing numbers hitting a nine year high and consumer confidence also hitting a three year high, and the dollar’s been going in the right direction for a change. So would these suggestions actually help right now, or are they things which are being done anyway and the impact is being felt…(not all of the recommendations of course)


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  • Lofty

    Sorry WO….3 weeks in a row I have had to miss you, Susan Wood drives me to drink…..hurry back Larry………….please, you have had enough of a break pal, now get back to work and rescue your show.