The joys of living in a socialist showcase!

Even though Hugo Chavez is dead and gone his legacy remains, that of no toilet paper and now no food.

Ahh the joys of living in a socialist showcase.

In a sign Venezuela’s food shortages could be worsening, restrictions on the sale of 20 basic items subject to price controls, including toilet paper and chicken, are set to begin next week in its most populous state, officials said.

A spokesman for President Nicolas Maduro’s government said it is incorrect to call the plan rationing because it is meant to fight smuggling of price-controlled food across the border into Colombia. He said there are no plans to extend the program nationally. 

Details of how the system in Zulia state will work are still being worked out, said Blagdimir Labrador, the state governor’s chief of staff.

But Zulia will issue computer chip cards beginning next week that will limit consumer purchases of products including rice, flour, cooking oil, sugar and powdered milk, he said. The quantities each family will be allowed to buy, on a daily or weekly basis, have not yet been determined, he said.

The system will register purchases remotely on computer servers “so the same person can’t go to a different store on the same day and purchase the same product,” Labrador said.

The foray appears to be Venezuela’s first into food rationing. Communist-run Cuba has issued monthly ration cards for basic foodstuffs for decades, although the number of items has dwindled in recent years.


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  • Allyson

    You can also ration consumers’ use of electrical power with rolling blackouts, brownouts and electricity-free days. Green/Lab think tank must be running on empty

  • Col

    I think they reckon they can save on toilet paper by rationing food, Billboards will read “EATLESS SHITLESS”
    Of course they will blame it on the USA.

    • andrew carrot

      If there is a country in the world that can’t be blamed for a Venezuelan “EATLESS” policy it would have to be the USA. The level of angst that would run through its agencies, were the CIA to order a blockade of ships carrying corn dogs and fried chicken would be immeasurable. Where the US is concerned, restricting the supply of toilet paper is quite cunning foreign policy compared to previous attempts to control errant regimes, which inevitably involved sending in the B-52s to bomb the shit out of the locals.

      • Col

        So it comes with a soft touch then?

  • johnbronkhorst

    Surely not this country that practically floats on oil, Nationalized all the land from large owners and corporations to GIVE to the farmers, sits among some of the most fertile land in the region!

    • Bad__Cat

      Yep, just goes to show that with Socialism you can produce miracles.

  • Hazards001

    Of course there’s no food. FFS the socialist solution to no toilet paper is obvious. NO FUCKING EATING!

    Eating is only for the self elected elite that will of course endure this suffering on behalf of the proletariat as is their socialist duty.

    Ergo in NZ when there is no electricity for warmth it will therefore become illegal under the Red/Gween coalition to be cold.

    When it is impossible to pay for fuel due to carbon taxes it will be illegal to work.

    When you fail to pay taxes due to being unable to work you will be required to attend compulsory re training in the socialist way and will have electrodes attached to your most sensitive parts to assist you in remembering why Chairman Russell and Chairthing Turei are your Elected officials.

    A vote for Shearer is a vote for the Greens!