The media should be careful what they wish for….

Scott Yorke aka Imperator Fish has a second blog…where he takes a more serious look at issues. He takes issue with the squawking over police seizing emails.

Labour Party leader David Shearer has demanded the seizure by police of Peter Dunne?s emails, after Dunne resigned following allegations that he leaked to the media the confidential Kitteridge report into the GCSB.

It is not clear whether Dunne leaked the report, or, even if he did, whether he has broken any laws. From what I can gather, only the appendices to the report had any sort of security classification, and it?s not clear whether Dunne had access to those appendices.

This has not stopped Labour?s leader from?demanding a police investigation.?

This is very bizarre behaviour, especially considering the amount of leaking that Phil Goff undertakes and the fact that Goff is presently under Police investigation for breaching suppression orders over another leaked Defence report. Perhaps David Shearer might like to ask the Police to seize Goff’s emails.

It?s surprising to hear an Opposition leader talk so firmly against the leaking of government secrets. An Opposition leader will normally utilise any leak they can, if it allows them to embarrass the government.

An Opposition leader would not normally demand the prosecution of a person suspected of leaking information damaging or embarrassing to the government. While the Kitteridge report allegedly leaked by Dunne would have become public anyway, the early release caught John Key off-guard, and occurred before the government had finalised its media strategy around the report.

An Opposition leader will usually keep his or her head down when asked about such matters by the media. To speak up and demand that police investigate leakers is to make oneself a huge target for accusations of hypocrisy.

Phil Goff? What about the Police investigation into Darren Hughes…should emails be seized there between Annette King, Phil Goff and the Police?

A more orthodox Labour leader might have stood back from the scandal a little, allowing Winston Peters to pursue his crusade against Dunne. Winston?s good at this sort of thing, because he?s so damaged by past scandals that he really has nothing to lose; and his good name is so tarnished by previous events, that another accusation of hypocrisy or double standards won?t do him any harm.

Winston Peters has finally got a scandal right, after all these years. It doesn’t diminish form the fact that he is a proven liar, even liars sometimes tell the truth. Or a dishonest politician who nicked money fromt eh taxpayers, and took donations he never declared.

A more traditional Labour leader might have taken account of those things and avoided rushing to demand police action. It?s not as if there weren?t plenty of other avenues of attack David Shearer could have chosen to pursue over the entire Dunne disaster.

So what does this all mean? Does it mean that the next time someone tries to leak to Labour something damaging to John Key?s government, David Shearer will threaten to call the cops?

Actual Scott, it is better than that…when someone leaks against the next Green/Labour bloc government they will call in the cops, the Stasi, the KGB and every other secretive anti-citizen police state apparatus…well that’s how I will write it up anyway.