The Nodfather

Emmerson gets it right again.

After bestowing privilege and largesse on racing, scampi fishermen, and many others who will get the nod this election.

The Nodfather - Winston Peters


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  • Teletubby

    That’s an easy question, he will give the nod to the dubious syndicate that pours the most money into his coffers.

  • Patrick

    Don’t know why he has never been challenged on this before – he swings with the breeze & always has. Another what is in it for me politician just like Peters.

  • rockape

    This is the man and party that stands for nothing other than Winston Peters. He will alligne with whoever gives him the most baubles. He is a disgrace to himself and NZ politics, there is only one thing that will drive me away from National, thats if JK puts an alliance with peters on the agenda. An alliance with NZ first yes but Peters would have to go.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      NZ First is Poo and Poo is NZ First. The only way for John Key to keep the communists and socialists grabbing power in 2014 is to join with NZ First. MMP at its best for you bro….

      • Rex Widerstrom

        Ah the Farrar meme: “NZ First would be okay if it wasn’t for Winston”.

        That would have been true 15 or more years ago, when it had a front bench selected on merit. But in 1996 most of the talent was knifed by Micael Lhaws and what was left (e.g. Brian Donnelly) is no more.

        Since then he’s been backed by dilettantes, sycophants and imbeciles – in many cases managing to promote someone who was all three.

        To envisage National in a coalition with a Winston-less NZ First is like imagining a surgeon excising an enormous tumor from an aging roue, then marrying the cancer.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    What about the eco terrorists? Poo could get a huge donation from them and suddenly become a champion of global warming and carbon tax!!!

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  • johnbronkhorst

    Does this mean, we would have, if he went with labour “The nodfather”, “noody norman”, “sheepy”, ” gangster hone” all in the same govt.? Really does sound like a Walt Disney circus!!!

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      It won’t happen overnight, but will happen on November 8, 2014 night…

      • johnbronkhorst

        Are they all going to wash together too???…………………………………………I mean their hair….there hair!!!!!

      • Mr_V4

        Sure, and Winston’s going to bang Rachel Hunter.

  • Someone is gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse…

  • Col

    Must be in the blood of most Maori and Lying Pete has it, they call it KOHA and the Mana party has it as well.
    This word is normally used by robbers it means ” kick Over Here Asshole.