This could be David Shearer

It’s time to stop trying to fix Ed Miliband. Ever since he was elected, supporters, colleagues, commentators and even some enemies have attempted to knock the Labour leader into shape: he should be radical; he should be pragmatic; he should be like Blair; he should be true to himself.

At the heart of this process was a belief that, sooner or later, Miliband would come good. It would take time, but eventually this ugly duckling would transform into a swan. “Give it a year,” we were told. Then two, then three. “Wait till people get to know him,” his allies said. People got to know him – and the more they saw of him, the less they liked.

Exactly like Shearer. Labour need to do something about having a dud leader before he burns off all the good people working for Labour outside of caucus. 

The similarities continue, Farage could be replaced by Norman.

There were promises that Miliband would seize the agenda, catch the public mood, drag the political centre to the Left. Instead, he squandered the gift that was the Tory annus horribilis of 2012, handed the mantle of opposition leader to Nigel Farage, and watched impotently as the public mood shifted decisively to the Right. It is time to face facts: Miliband is not coming good. There will be no Clause Four moment.

The same thing is happening here.

But it’s time to drop the pretence. Labour may scrape home in 2015, but it will be despite its leader, not because of him. There is no “new” Ed Miliband waiting to emerge from the shadows. It is not a question of more time, or more repositioning, or more flesh on the bones of Labour’s skeletal political prospectus. The real Labour leader is already standing up, and he has been for the past three years. Ed Miliband is broken. Nothing can fix him now.

Why is Grant Robertson waiting?


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  • blokeintakapuna

    “Why is Grant Robertson waiting?”
    Because he’s not sure to side with the Cunliffe faction or the ABC faction, or the rainbow faction, or the union faction, or nasty female faction or his own faction.
    He needs to borrow a Clint from the Greens…

  • Agent BallSack

    Will Grant make a difference? The fact that the Labour Party is tainted by association with the Greens is a bad taste many left leaning Kiwis deplore. I know life long Labour voters who either will not vote or who will vote for National come 2014 due to this very reason. Expect a majority National Government come Summer next year.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      “I know life long Labour voters who either will not vote or who will vote for National come 2014” – they are not telling you the truth Agent Ballsack, They will rather vote NZ First than vote National…..

      • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

        That is true. Honestly, social democrats stick with their own. Winston is their nasty side. It’s like when the social democratic party in the Weimar republic was looking a little weak… That blustering socialist on the other side of the isle looks good. Beware the angry leftie.

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      Really? Most Labour life long voters say to me that they would never vote National for as long as they live. Shows how pragmatic they are. Think of it like this, in the Hutt Valley they vote for Mallard. If he retired and the party put up and actual ape and wrapped him in a red banner, they’d vote for it in a heartbeat.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    For heaven’s sake, leave Sheep alone. He is the only hope John Key has.

  • Auto_Immune

    I reckon he’s waiting because it would be a harder win to become the Government in the coming election, whereas the “time for a change” mob would be out in force after three National terms. Put simply: Grant wants to be PM, not leader of the opposition.

  • Bad__Cat

    Don’t interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake!

  • Bad__Cat

    An ex-girlfriend once told me her grandmother would turn over in her grave if she ever voted for anyone but Labour.
    Yeah, she was a teacher, but really nice apart from that.