This will piss off the teachers unions



Forget charter schools.  How about schools run by the military?

Thousands of former members of the Armed Forces wanting to become teachers will be fast tracked into the profession under a Government scheme launched today.

Ex members of the Army, Navy and Royal Air Force will be lured into teaching with bursaries, salaries during training and fast track qualification courses.

The move could see thousands of former soldiers, sailors and airmen enter classrooms each year and is the latest initiative by the Government to promote a military ethos in schools.

David Laws, Education Minister, said the Troops to Teachers scheme would bring military values of leadership, discipline, motivation and teamwork into the classroom.

It also comes as thousands of forces personnel are losing their jobs. Later this month the Ministry of Defence will detail a further 5,300 job losses for soldiers as part of cuts to bring the regular Army down to 82,000 by 2020.

Mr Laws said: “We want to capture the ethos and talents of those leaving the Armed Forces, and bring this experience into teaching. We know that our highly-skilled servicemen and women can inspire young people and help raise educational attainment.”

C-?  100 press ups.

D?  50 laps around the school grounds.

And while they’re at it, fitness training for all other teaching staff.  Healthy teachers equals improved learning outcomes.

The Teachers Unions won’t like this one bit.

Former service members who already have degrees will be able to enrol on one-year graduate teacher training courses with a salary, or £2,000 extra bursary.

Those without degrees, but who have gained technical expertise, or experience as instructors in the forces will be able to start a two year salaried training course after a “rigorous selection process”.

Philip Hammond, Defence Secretary, said: “I would encourage anyone leaving the Services to take the opportunity to pass on their invaluable knowledge and instil respect, discipline and pride in the next generation.”

Around 7,000 former service members have asked about becoming teachers in the past two years, officials said.

The National Union of Teachers warned that keeping control in classrooms was very different to maintaining military discipline and said the profession should only be open to graduates.

Of course it is different.  For one, it is likely to improve how boys go through the school system.  They absolutely crave balance to the majority of female inspired, delivered and managed education.

And teachers with a military background will be results oriented.


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  • johnbronkhorst

    Swords into plough shears? 21st century version?

  • Simo

    Question is.. will the Taliban hove to on their Toyota flat deck equipped with a .50 BMG when a couple of hundred heavily armed teachers rumble into view?

  • rockape

    The best teachers I had in secondary school were all ex wartime army navy and RAF. At Least they were the ones I remember. One of the best schools in the UK with the highest results,run on military lines. Queen victorias in Scotland ,run for the sons of servicemen mainly by ex servicemen

    • Patrick

      Right on, we had a Principal at Primary School – ex military with a swag of medals across his chest. We marched from assembly every day, the NZ flag was raised, we respected him, were shit scared of him & also in awe of him. Very unlike the PC world kids exist in now. The one place you did not want to be was outside his office waiting for the strap!

  • mike

    I’d be keen to do this in NZ… all JNCO’s are qualified instructors and adult educators.

  • Muffin

    bugger …. I was getting enthusiastic until I realised its not here….

  • Luke D

    We had the Regular Force Cadet School and the Airman Cadet School until the early ’90s when the army and government in general went all pansy about it.

    • Col

      That is when the virus hit this country, called PC.

      • Luke D

        And with it came an opposition to masculinity and encouraging men to become feminine, it doesn’t work and never will. Men are men and women are women, you can’t change that no matter how hard the liberals may try. Boy scouts, cadets, the army, all now have girls in them. There is literally nothing left for young men to develop into young men in this country. Shameful.

        • Pissedoffyouth

          Rugby is there, but one day they’ll force 50% girls on the team too!

  • Col

    My son has just had an ex solider come and teach, my son is now enjoying that new teacher.
    I think the difference is the forces personal have lived and not gone straight into school, they can benefit the student I believe much more than a teacher who goes to uni and then teaches. Bring them on.

  • Allan

    Bloody brilliant idea! might help whip some of the lazy students of today into shape

  • Allan

    Wonderful news. I hope that a lot of men from the Services take up this offer, then we may see some discipline installed in the classroom and less PC crap being force fed to the students. At least these people have seen both the good and bad things of life and have not been enclosed in the cocoon of going from school to University and then back to school again in the roll of a teacher.

  • peterwn

    I do not know today’s situation, but the Education ministry has regarded teachers who had passed out of defence colleges such as Sandhurst, Duntroon, Cranwell, etc as graduates for pay purposes.

  • PlanetOrphan

    Now there’s a group of people our ministry of tourism should be doing a spiel for.
    But you have to pay them a salary …. M8!

  • NoVictim

    So,umm, why, whats the conflict, are we getting ready for war?

  • GazzW

    Brilliant stuff! I went to school in the 50s & 60s and at least ten of my teachers at both primary school and college were returned servicemen from WW2 and also fast tracked to cope with the baby boomers. I can’t recall any duds and I do recall three or four who were absolutely inspirational. When it came to discipline you didn’t fuck around with any of them.

  • rockape

    Google Queen Victorias School For the Sons of Servicmen. Realy a charter school to show what can be done. Its been around since 1908.

  • Mr_V4

    It shouldn’t just be military though, people from a range of professions should then go on to teach, so you get a knowledge transfer from people with a range of skills. ie physicists who have worked at LHC, IT people who have worked for Intel etc etc

    • GregM

      Agreed. Bring on charter schools and it will happen.

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    Maybe existing teachers could swap jobs and go into the military for a month. I would love to see those pinko wimpy men, and bolshy bovine women getting up at 5am for a few fatigues…

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    Mind you, the military is a complete waste of money. Just an overpriced trade training school in my opinion. Starve the beast, get some engineers, medical professionals, builders and literate tradesmen into the schools.

  • GregM

    Great idea. At high school my engineering teacher was ex navy. Really inspirational man, four years later I signed up.

  • blairmulholland

    Nothing wrong with military schools. West Point is renowned the world over for producing kickarse human beings. I hope it happens.