Today’s Trivia

via Nike

via Nike

Antarctica and the Arctic are both deserts, and are actually the two largest deserts. (source)


A woman can inject her urine into a South African clawed frog as a type of do it yourself pregnancy test. (source)


Ancient Egyptian butchers were among some of the fist people to wear high heeled shoes. Because it kept them from stepping directly in the waste of the animals they slaughtered. (source)


John Kellogg, inventor of Corn Flakes and founder of the Kellogg company, worked tirelessly to “reform masturbators” by wrapping their genitals in sharp wire to prevent arousal, burning their genitals with acid to desensitize, and circumcising small boys without anesthetic, among other things. (source)


Gene Roddenberry was an air force pilot during WWII, then a commercial airline pilot for PanAm, and then an LAPD officer before he created Star Trek. (source)




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  • Hazards001

    Obviously Gene Roddenberry was at least as smart as an Egyptian butcher and he clearly shits all over John Kellogg (what is it with cereal companies and god botherers interfering in other peoples lives?)
    As to the tree frog…thank god for litmus paper I say!

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    Lol, Paula’s locker revealed.