Today’s Trivia



Colour laser printers print a watermark on every page that identifies the printer to ease government fears of forgery. (source)


One unique danger of working in a trywork (whaling industry furnace) was that a rotting pregnant whale could fill with gas and burst, “ejecting a fetus the size of a motor vehicle with sufficient force to kill a man”. (source)


Lance Corporal William Windsor of the British 1st Infantry Battalion was demoted for “disobeying a direct order.” He was reinstated 3 months later after animal rights groups complained. William Windsor is a goat. (source)


There were still Mammoths alive on Earth as late as 2000 BC. The same time as the Pyramids were being built. (source)


One of the main reasons Hollywood became the home of American movie production was so that filmmakers could continue to use patented equipment illegally. (source) [Oh the irony – Pete]




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  • RightOfGenghis

    On 24 March 1975, Alex Mitchell, from King’s Lynn, England, died laughing while watching the “Kung Fu Kapers” episode of The Goodies, featuring a kilt-clad Scotsman with his bagpipes battling a master of the Lancastrian martial art “Eckythump”, who was armed with a black pudding. After twenty-five minutes of continuous laughter, Mitchell finally slumped on the sofa and died from heart failure. His widow later sent The Goodies a letter thanking them for making Mitchell’s final moments of life so pleasant