Today’s Trivia



In 2011, Julian Assange called Facebook the “most appalling spying machine that has ever been invented.” (source)


Michael Palin once accidentally took his wife’s passport when he went to France, but the Immigration officer let him in as he assumed it perfectly normal that Michael Palin would be dressed as a woman. (source)


4% of Americans believe shape-shifting reptilian people control our world by taking on human form and gaining political power to manipulate our societies. (source)


Nelson Mandela wasn’t removed from the US terror watch list until 2008. (source)


That there is an arithmetic equivalent of dyslexia that affects “number sense”. Sufferers experience difficulty with tasks such as reading clocks, differentiating left and right, and developing mathematical skills.  (source)




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  • LabTested

    there is an arithmetic equivalent of dyslexia that affects “number sense” Sufferers experience difficulty……………developing mathematical skills

    It goes by the name of Russel Norman

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Please add Sheep to this list also. I am waiting for the day when he will explain to NZ public on TV against John Key how Labour will fund its lunatic projects and promises….

      • GazzW

        Maybe it also explains his inability to read the balance of his offshore bank account(s).

  • Michael

    Nelson Mandela helped found and raise funds for “Spear of the Nation”, which carried out bombings and summary executions as late as the 1980s. So it is not surprising he was still listed as a terrorist until well after the end of Apartheid.

    • Tom

      “When Mandela was arrested on his Rivonia farm hideout near Johannesburg, the following munitions and bomb-making equipment were confiscated with him and his courageous comrades.
      (Read his ‘Rivonia trial’ transcripts for all the details, starting with his heroic opening statement: “I am prepared to die…’ : – clearly he didn’t care whether all those innocent civilians whose tortured and mutilated bodies can be seen below, died either)

      210,000 hand grenades
      48,000 anti-personnel mines
      1,500 time devices
      144 tons of ammonium nitrate
      21,6 tons of aluminium powder
      1 ton of black powder”

  • bristol

    “shape-shifting reptilian people…” Only 4%? That’s a worry. I thought everyone believes politicians exist!

  • GregM

    Assange is a complete cock, but he was so right about facebook etc.

  • baw

    On facebook the onion released the following parody video