Today’s Trivia

Hi all.

No trivia today.  Life happened.  This image will have to do for today.



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  • RightOfGenghis

    I’ll help you out here Pete, no charge…
    While Britney Spears may be crazy she had a rational reason for shaving her head. She was fighting a custody battle with her ex-husband and there were legal requests being made for her to submit to a long-term drug use test, which use hair specimens. So she shaved her head and there was now no evidence to be collected if she was ordered to submit to the test

    • She would have had to shave ALL her body hair

      • P1LL

        lol , I think that is mandatory for the young folks now Pete ( not that I would know , It is just what I have read)

  • Rex Widerstrom

    The Euthanasia rollercoaster? Isn’t that another name for the Labour Party leadership? (On either side of the Tasman) :-D

  • BR

    I’m not sure that such a death would be painless. Nitrogen narcosis would be preferable one would think.


  • peterwn

    No thanks, I got conned into riding the twister one at Knotts Berry Farm years ago – I gave up caring on the return leg.