Today’s Trivia



Blue whales are so enormous, that a human can swim through their largest veins and arteries. (source)


The Ancient Roman’s would flood the Colosseum to re-enact sea battles (source)


In the past decade over 600 species previously unknown to science have been discovered on Madagascar (source)


Spinach’s reputation as a health food and a giver of strength, popularised by Popeye, was largely the result of a misplaced decimal point when calculating its iron content. As such, people considered it 10x more iron rich then it actually was. (source)


The word dollar comes from the 16th century German word Joachimsthaler (shortened to thaler), used to describe coins minted in Joachimsthal, Bohemia. (source)




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    Others are currently being upskilled to help out as well. You’ll see some more new names pop up over the days ahead.

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