Today’s Trivia




There have been 1337 executions in the US since they were resumed in 1976. (source)


In ancient China, doctors could receive fees only if their patient was cured. If their condition deteriorated the doctor had to pay the patient. (source)


Australia’s first police force was made up of 12 of the ‘best behaved’ convicts. (source)


LEGO comes from the Danish ‘leg godt’ which means to ‘play well’. (source)


All 32 American NFL teams are in the Top 50 richest sports clubs in the world, making the NFL easily the wealthiest sports league in the world. (source)


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  • Michael

    Texas has just carried out its 500th execution since the Death Penalty was resumed just this week.

    • Agent BallSack

      500th in 30 years. A meaningless statistic except to those anti the death penalty.

    • mike

      Between 1976 and 1998 there were 48640 murders in Texas… but the number of murders was higher before the death penalty was reintroduced

      From 1960 (first years stats were available) through 1975, the number of murders increased by 99% (824 to 1,639). The murder rate, which adjusts for population, also increased substantially. The 1975 rate was 13.4 murders for every 100,000 people, up 56% from the 1960 rate.

      From 1976 through 1998, the number of murders declined by 11.4% (1,519 to 1,346), with the most dramatic decline occurring between 1991 and 1998 (2,652 to 1,346). The rate also declined dramatically—44%, from 12.2 to 6.8 murders per 100,000 people—extending a six-year downward trend. The 6.8 rate for 1997 and 1998 was the lowest in the 38-year period. The murder rate peaked in 1980 at 16.9 per 100,000, following a surge that began in 1977 and peaked again in 1991, following a surge that began in 1989.

      • Richard McGrath

        John Lott found that improvements in the rate of violent crime are related to firearms ownership liberalisation.

        • mike

          I don’t think the death penalty reduces the murder rate too much, may be some impact but minimal. What it does do is remove these people from society where they do not provide any benefit to anyone. Murderers, rapists and paedophiles are nothing but a blight on any civilisation and once they commit these heinous acts they (IHMO) lose all their rights and privileges.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    A visa waiver programme for our worst sounds like a good idea.

  • Welcome aboard James, your first post of many

  • Whanga_Cynic

    Australian police not changed much over the years