Today’s Trivia




The Guillotine was still the official method of execution in France until the death penalty was abolished… in 1981. The last actual execution in France? 1977. (source)


When the first McDonalds opened in Britain in 1974, culture shock ensued. A couple of early customers noted with dismay that there was no butter on the bread roll, and no cutlery to eat with. (source)


If you use iTunes, you have already agreed not to use Apple products to create nuclear weapons. (source)


Not only is the Blue Whale the largest animal currently on Earth, it is also the largest animal to have existed on Earth at any point. (source)


King Zog, of Albania, was the only national leader of modern times to return fire during an assassination attempt. (source)


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  • Kopua Cowboy

    Already knew the iTunes one, but only because I was brave enough to read the whole T&C’s list

  • AngryTory

    Quick, cheap, effective, much cheaper & easier than stupid “lethal injection protocols” and none of the mucking about with blanks of a firing squad.

    Of course, shooting crims earlier saves even more money on prisons, plus on judges, lawyers etc.