Truth Commentary: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

There has been a lot of commentary about Truth and my editorship…I have been humbled by some of the comments, emails and phone calls. Thank you. But wait till you see some of the gloating too…you would think that the left wing commentators and bloggers who are gloating might have a heart for the good staff who now don’t have jobs while they dance forlornly upon my grave, so eager are they to put the boot in.

First up there is the good:

The bad:


The ugly:


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  • It’s a bit rich Bradbury moaning about people’s history with truth. He wouldn’t know truth and facts if they bit him.

    • Agent BallSack

      Truth? If he was interested in at all, he wouldn’t moderate one foul sentence on his personal wank blog.

  • Agent BallSack

    I expect nothing less from Martyn Bummer Bradbury owner of the dullest blog in the country the daily flush.

    • Agent BallSack

      Seriously that beard is ridiculous its like he fell out of an Orwell story. Or was Jack the Ripper in a previous life. Rumour has it he beats himself off everytime he gets another thousand page views.

      Helen Kelly – The sunlight will never be diminished until unions are dead and gone.

      • Andy C

        Ballsack, you should have a heart for the staff who won’t have jobs if the unions disappear.

        • Agent BallSack

          So their jobs should be safe while other people lose jobs, reskill and carry on? If they actually were producers or workers, I would feel sorry for them but instead they are leeches living off the blood of others. The pretence that they stand for workers is all but shattered Andy.

          • Andy C

            “So their jobs should be safe while other people lose jobs, reskill and carry on?”

            Are you talking about the Truth staff here ABS? Your opinions are so wildly different depending on who you are targeting I get confused.

    • Dave

      We all need a daily flush ABS, perhaps its time to write Martyns name on the material used for the daily flush, be the best use for him. Perhaps there is an innovative idea for the manufacturing sector and for comrade Bradbury! Rolls of bog paper emblazoned with kelly, littles, normans and bradburys faces! I would buy that.

  • island time

    With the loss of The Truth a few miscreants in the country will sigh a breath of relief as they escape some sunlight. I hope the staff can pick up some work in the near future. Keep the sunlight shining here Whale!!

    Its great to see drop kicks like Kelly (isn’t she meant to be pro employment???) show their true colours again. She is the same as the rest of labour who are anti-business.

  • Patrick

    If you put yourself above the parapet then expect to be shot at. However, can I suggest you look at the calibre of the commentators before taking their comments on board.
    I don’t think anyone should be taking too much notice of what the likes of Kelly, Bradbury & Pilott have to say. Leftie, bitter, anti everything pricks the lot of them.

    • Donovan Jackson

      I’d describe Kelly as the red siren.

      • Whafe

        The woman is an ankle, freaks me out what goes on in her warped head

  • Michael

    Why is Bradbury still making media commentary? I thought he was in real estate now.

  • johnbronkhorst

    helen Kelly…..we would be glad to see the back of you.
    A unionist cheering the demise of jobs????

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    If that is the worst of them Cam, then you have obviously done a pretty good job. Nothing really nasty there – no worse than you might have said yourself in their position? I say well done, but have to agree, it could never survive with the girlie section. I bought it once and could never bring myself to buy it again and bring it into my family. All very well to say bin the centre section but everyone would think it was there anyway. Sad to see the vehicle of truth off the road. Is it a wreck or is it a possible a recovery could happen?

    • Agent BallSack

      It was dead and buried when SC bought it to pimp girls in. IMO Cam did his best to make it more accessible to readers that don’t just buy it for the page 3 girl or whore ads. Not that I am against porn but it’s not the kind of thing I could leave around home with young kids, the morals of those sections aren’t anything I want my kids to aspire to. Truth should be buried now and a new paper NBR style perhaps can take it’s place.

      • Steve Crow

        Ummmm. Small points of fact.

        (1) I never bought it

        (2) I never ‘pimped’ a single girl in it…I don’t have an escort business, never have…yet.

        (3) The escort advertising was there many years before I consulted to the Truth’s owners, Dermott Malley and Matthew Horton (from December 2011) to try and help them raise circulation.

        (4) It was me, and me alone, who’s idea it was to bring Cameron onboard and my brother David who had the balls to hire him (wrongly in hindsite) after he got involved as a shareholder in the middle of last year.

        Amazing how everything is always Steve Crow’s fault. I love being so omni-powerful.

        Now where’s the damn TV remote?

        • Dave

          Steve, the buck stops with the owner, Cam was an employee in a senior position, if he was given the direction the owners wanted as owners, IF that direction was sound, AND sufficient resources, then it could have worked. What i have observed and others have confirmed, Truth was fucked prior to Cam joining, and it seems neither you or your brother provided the correct info / direction or sufficient resources to make a go of it. given sufficient resources anything can be achieved. Bottom line, it needed 40% more revenue and the move was 2 years too late.

          As always, the buck stops with the owners / directors accept it and move on, your fault your loss, stop trying to blame others. maybe your advice was wrong all along, please explain that to your bro, you fucked up. Enjoy your Porn on TV.

  • David

    So the decent types are commiserating whilst the pathetic scum bag losers are getting pathetic little digs in further highlighting that they are pathetic scum bag losers….Still seems like a win for Mr Slater!

    • They are still talkin about me…so its a Win.

  • JeffDaRef

    Let them gloat – while you chortle at just how preoccupied the lefties are with you.
    Not bad for someone so “irrelevant”…

  • Nechtan

    To those rejoicing in the loss of employment/misfortune of others, it speaks volumes as to your character or lack there off.

    • Agent BallSack

      What happened to the phrase “There but for the love of God, go I”? Are we that disassociated from each other as a community now?

    • Andy C

      It is a daily request from commentators here that the Unions disappear, along with all the jobs that would go with it. The irony…

      • Nechtan

        It was the undisguised joy and glee at Cam’s and by inference his co-workers upcoming unemployment that I found somewhat distasteful. Should anyone take delight in such circumstances? Regardless of which side of the political spectrum they sit on.

      • Agent BallSack

        Okay so Gary Parsloe loses his job. What the fuck is he good for? Organising thugs to terrorise people who just want to work? He has no other skillset as far as I can see, so he’s not a producer nor contributor to society. Good fucking riddance. Can you actually call what he does a job? Taking money off the back of (already) low paid workers. Causing business confidence in the MAIN port into NZ to be lost – yeah he’s a real keeper.

        • Andy C

          I now realise the irony of this is skipping you by ABS… weird.

          It wouldn’t just be GP who would lose his job if the Unions disappeared. Day upon day commentators pray to their spaghetti gods that this event would rise upon us. But when it happens to (insert not union here), suddenly its all thoughts for the innocent workers.

          • Agent BallSack

            No, I realise you are trying to point out irony Andy – however you are missing by a wide margin. Irony is Helen Kelly a supposed champion of the workers trying to boycott filming of the hobbit in NZ, thereby losing jobs for skilled and unskilled workers alike. Unions getting the arse card is simply them being subject to the same employment laws as the rest of us – Supply and Demand. I don’t see that as being ironic.

          • Agent BallSack

            Or Andy, would irony be Helen Kelly happy to see workers lose their jobs? I am never happy to see anyone lose their jobs, by the way – A growing economy reinforces my belief that NZ is on the right track, job losses are bad no matter what sector for the people affected. However unionists on the main part have no value to NZ. IMHO.

          • Andy C

            Took a while ABS, but I am glad to see you finally got there.

  • Random66

    ‘’s a beautiful day to see one part of the Whale’s life slip away.’

    I don’t know who Melanie Dorrian is, but what an awful thing to say. To wish a part of someone’s life, anyone’s life, to slip away is in my opinion actually worse than any other negative comment made by Bradbury or Kelly. This is almost a curse.

  • kehua

    Sticks and stones……….

  • James

    That sucks….I had enjoyed the “New Truth” under Cam….oh well…..more time for blogging and hitting the bastards hard.

  • Arran Hunt

    Respect to Russell Brown. No surprise that Helen Kelly doesn’t give a damn about workers. She tried to screw hundreds out of jobs by attacking the Hobbit, now she dances at the death of the Truth.

  • Lion_ess

    I thought you showed great courage (fearlessness) in taking on the editor role of a flailing paper, which would have gone by the wayside whether you were there or not. Let the pissants piss in public – it’s what they do best. You run a great blog Cameron, I’d happily pay a subscription.

  • Balanced View

    Never nice to see history disappear.
    Whale, you were always going to attract the feral with this news. But in saying that, it wouldn’t hurt you to hold a little accountability for its demise. Finger pointing only reinforces to many of us that your ego has gotten a little out of control.

    • Andy C


    • Guest

      Hmmmm I kind of agree, but the thing is that this paper was dead in the water before WO even looked at becoming editor. 6 months & it is over – he can’t possibly be held at fault.

      Whatever readership the Truth had disappeared long ago.

      The reality is people don’t want to be serious & wank. It’s kind of like having wine with breakfast – if you do then it means you have problems.

      • Agent BallSack

        Is that an allusion to Shane Jones? (the wank). Also is that an allusion to me? (wine on cornflakes).

        • Guest

          Haha funny boy! Looks like you have Shane both have problems eh :-)

        • Hazards001

          There’s something else you can put on cornflakes?

      • Lion_ess

        “… people don’t want to be serious and wank.” Lol – there are many who behave as though they do.

  • cows4me

    So is bomber still in the top 100% of the top 10%, two bob.

  • Whafe

    Cam, rise above it, you wear your heart on your sleeve, these low life’s are not actually worth worrying about, easier said than done….
    Balloon prickers the lot of them… The more they jab crap, the more it means they really don’t like the sunlight you shine on them….
    I mean Bradbury, sheesh, what a, well just a waste of space… Hay seed etc etc…
    Anyways, onwards and upwards, keep up the great work you and your team do with Whailoil, I love it……

  • GregM

    Good effort Cam, it was always going to be an uphill battle. Credit where it’s due, you turned a rag into a readable paper in a few months, I will miss it.
    Don’t forget, what looks like the end of the road is usually just a bend in the road.

  • Dave

    Cam, commiserations. You did an awsome job, and obviously had the support of some good staff and clients, I think the comments from Russel Brown say it all…. “the paper couldn’t live with the porn section, or without it”. I have experienced similar situations, the owner of a dying business calls in new blood, to turn the place around, but all too often they install a capable and willing strategist/manager/CEO and in this case all of them and Editor as well, but they do it too late. So late, the cash to operate the business is gone, the best clients have gone etc. The decision i have mentioned previously, do you cut the porn, cut that revenue, and make radical changes immediately or try and gently change the business to succeed, in this case was probably correct. If only the owners Directors had taken action 24 months earlier, they might be doing far better now. And remember, its the directors that hold the responsibility, they DIRECT the business, you were a paid manager. Back to my original point, its extremely hard to fix a business void of resources, the loss for you is great Cameron, but hold your head high, the left are using it as a chance to put the boot in, but the real business people, the ones who put their personal effort, pride and resources on the line well know what you achieved and put into Truth and indeed this blog.

    Re the Twitter comments……. Well done you less than intelligent creatures, remember those comments live forever!!

    To Helen Kelly – I find it interesting you comment as such, please do tell Helen what you have achieved in business terms, WHAT, and please mention the thousands of businesses you and your affiliated organisations you have damaged or destroyed.

    Martyn, there is no fool like an old fool, a mirror of your lifetime achievements is simply a frame. Empty! Truth improved the minute you walked out the door.

    To Brenda Pilot (PSA Secretary) and Melanie Dorrian (whoever you are) as others have said, spare a thought for the workers, you know, the ones YOUR organisation says they support and fight for, you are nothing more than hypocrites. Again, I doubt either of you have truely achieved much, or contributed to society in a positive way.

    Perhaps its the unions and their affiliates that the term “Nasty Party” came from!

    Cam, seriously, hold your head high, you have my admiration, and I for one will pay a sub for WOBH.

    Time for the Whale army to rally and keep it POSITIVE!

  • Ratchet

    To see the paper close this soon after having appointed you Editor seems to me it was a little bit of a hospital pass. It’s a shame that there wasn’t more time or resources available to you to get the Truth’s image away from a porn-ad laden tabloid and to an investigative paper, I’m sure if it had been caught earlier the Truth would have been able to evolve.

  • Saccharomyces

    Who the fuck is Melanie Dorrian?

    • sheppy

      A green leaning labour voting teacher who likes cats and hates nationals reforms as well as charter schools looking at her Facebook page

      • Agent BallSack

        Unionised lesbian teacher would have sufficed.

        • sheppy

          I was trying to be kind – its early and the suns out!

        • Rodger T

          Can a bloke join the Lesbian union?

      • Saccharomyces

        Oh, in other words a loser of no consequence.

  • halfman

    Tweedledee and Tweedlecunt looted the place before Cam got involved. Watch them make a mess of erotica again. The venue hosts will get stiffed just like the last lost.

    • Halfman Reply

      Wouldn’t shock me

    • Steve Crow

      Hi halfman – very appropriate name, did you pick it for yourself? A whole

      man would have the balls to use his real name when he makes a defamatory and non-factual statement like that, however thinly veiled.

      So let me call you out halfman, My phone number is 021-640 707, gimme a call tomorrow, identify who you are if you are not too spineless to do so, and then we can arrange to meet in person so you can accuse me of ‘looting the place’ to my face. Hell, we’ll even film it and throw it up on You Tube for your fans to watch.

      Oh, and for the record, I was paid $1200/week (that’s around $62K per year if you can’t do math) in consultancy fees while at Truth, Cameron was on over $70,000 and it was my recommendation that the owners hire him. So I guess I should take at least some of the credit for whatever good he did there.

      Sadly, he did not use his undoubted skills to best advantage and did not succeed where I truly believed he could have – so I guess I should therefore shoulder the responsibility for that. If it had not been for me recommending him he could not have done whatever harm he did – but since I left month’s ago I really am not qualified to comment further.

      Oh… and more, those of you that thought the paper was vastly better under his Editorship, ask to see the circulation figures – clearly there were not enough sharing the same opinion or it would not have failed.

      Now onto Erotica – gee I started it, so not sure how you think I fucked it and if I did, so what, guess what – I OWN IT and please, do tell, what venue got stiffed – certainly none I know of? Since they get paid IN ADVANCE of each event I would have to be mindbogglingly good to stiff them – but then why would someone such as yourself allow the facts to get in the way of a mindless rant.

      P.S. don’t bother blocking your number if you have the balls to call; I don’t answer blocked call – too many gutless nut jobs in this world.

      • Guest

        Hah, if you consulted then why didn’t you realize the Truth was fucked a year or two before Cam was hired Steve. Truth is the paper had the stench of death years prior to Cam joining, very few would have taken it on, most didn’t have the balls, I for one admire Cam for giving it a shot. I suggest you refund your consulting fees, not a very strategic consultant, and pretty dumb to go on to say you consulted during the time truth struggled and closed. if your going to publish circ figures, then be honest enough to post raw data, trends and any strategic or operational or logistics changes that might have affected circulation and revex Steve. again Steve, any business can be turned around, given enough resources and time.

        • Dave

          PS Tight arse, Cam is worth at least twice that!! hmmm if it was for 20 hours or less i retract that, salary scales suggest a min of $140K P/A for a combo Editor /strategist /turn around man, now go rate the role using the Hay scale, if you know what that is Steve.

  • Agent BallSack

    Martyn Bradbury lives for Schadenfreude. He’s commonly seen at funerals dancing on the graves of recently departed as well.

    • Dave

      Probably attends to get the free food, he is probably finding it hard to make a coin these days, you know, who would want to pay for his views. people like him………

  • LesleyNZ

    How catty of Melanie Dorrian.

  • Agent BallSack

    Helen Kelly “…glad to see the back of the Truth” – Is that where the lesbian ads are?

    • Dave

      And here was I thinking Helen K just dialed 0800UN and asked for …. Auntie H

      • Agent BallSack

        ::shudders. Its never going to be late enough in the day to imagine that, Dave!

        • Dave

          Or enough beer, or brown paper bags in the world to get up close and personal to, let alone them together ABS….. shudders indeed :)

  • Dion

    All because you challenge their world view. Charming.

    • Jonathan Pull

      Just like the remarks they receive when they challenge your view.

      • Bunswalla

        Fuck off troll

        • Jonathan Pull

          Haha, thank you for proving my point. You get all touchy and hissy yet you throw it back just as much.
          Ahh the hypocrisy.

          • Guest

            If you weren’t a troll then you would know that Buns is like that with almost everyone… is part of his game & you just took an awfully hard bite of his bait :-)

          • Bunswalla

            unsol, please don’t judge me according to your own standards.

          • Guest

            fuck off troll

          • Guest


          • Bunswalla

            The point, dickhead, is that you don’t have a point. Try offering some reasoned debate and logic, or raise an interesting point about the topic at hand, and you may be pleasantly surprised at the result.

            But if you behave like a troll then don’t pretend surprise at being smacked down.

      • Dion

        Interesting judgment to make on me as an individual given all you have to go by is a first name.

  • Never in the dark…..

    I wouldn’t lose sleep over any comments by Steve Cr(etin)ow.

    To say he’s the epitome of low life, would be unfair on amoebic lifeforms, bacteria etc.

    • Jonathan Pull

      Whale took his praise in taking the job though.
      Just seems odd he would take his praise when it benefits him and when things turn bad the daggers come out.
      What has happened is a shame but the blame game started pretty quickly.

      • Never in the dark…..


      • Guest

        That’s a fair point….in a way……but I expect the paper was dead in the water well before he took over the reigns so blame (for the sake of those devastated to see the paper finished) should be attributed to the right people.

        I very much doubt that in 6 months Cameron ran a 100 year old paper into the ground; by the time he was editor it was far removed from the kind of paper it used to be where 1 in 2 households bought it.

        Porn tends to have a use by date.

      • Lion_ess

        No need for a blame game in the public domain, it has relevance only to those responsible for the paper’s funding and sales. As they say, explaining is losing. From someone who used to be an avid consumer of print, I haven’t bothered for years – not newspapers, not magazines – nothing, there’s better content online, and I have very little rubbish that requires wrapping.

      • halfman

        Cam was unaware of the breathtaking level of looting that the clowns had been undertaking.when he went to work there. Companies office are now involved and the police shortly I should imagine.

        • Steve Crow

          WOW. Please do tell. I look forward to the FACTS behind this statement since it is obviously aimed at my brother and I. Read my comment below.

          Would a load of lies and tripe.

          If I had to bet, and I am not a betting man – have never bought a Lotto ticket in my life – I would say the anonymous halfman is none other than Mr Russell Beaumont, who tried very hard to have my brother David fire Cameron from the Editor’s position.

          Bet you didn’t know that Cameron?

          Russell being the lying spineless turd he is will of course deny this, but several were present on the more than one occasion he made the statement.

    • Steve Crow

      As least I have the balls to use my own name.

      You, on the other hand, are probably one of my biggest clients…or would be if I sold kiddy porn.

  • Jonathan Pull

    Its a shame that people lost their jobs but I have seen changes made in
    government circles where thousands have lost jobs and you all jump for
    glee so crying about the thoughtlessness to others jobs is pointless.

    • Andy C


    • Dave

      Jonathan please think about that a minute.

      1) I dont think any posters here are happy bout the team at Truth losing their jobs, or others losing their jobs/livelyhood/income.
      2) They were a small team producing a paper, that was sold to make revenue that in turn PAID their wages. Got that !!
      3) The changes in Govt depts you talk of, are often (but not always) jobs created by a party that the public has turfed out, and are then no longer needed!!
      4) Their salaries are funded by the NET taxpayers, and are not dependent on that Govt dept selling anything or making a quid. i.e. they consume the countries net resources not PRODUCE anything let alone a surplus.

      So please run away, think deeply bout that and reflect, remembering the term Public Servant is still true, those employed in the public sector (as hard as some do work) are ALL their to SERVE the public…..

      Have you really served the pubic this year Jonathan or produced positive revenue for your employer ?

      • Jonathan Pull

        Yes I have and do so on a daily basis.
        Im well aware of the private vs public costs. I was more highlighting the job loss side of it.
        This was a small paper and its a shame that those people lost jobs.
        Yes the government is publicly funded but do you think it makes it any easier or better for the thousands that have lost their jobs?

        • Mediaan

          “Feel sorry for those who have lost their jobs”? No, I don’t.

          Anyone with real skills should be able to walk out the door and get another job. Employers are so desperate for people with actual skills, they are pressing people over retirement age to come back.

          Civil servants have developed skills like arse-covering, shifting blame, getting a consultant so nobody will notice they don’t have ability themselves, and raising cain if anybody questions their position, budget size or workload. No use in the private sector.

          Get some real skills, useless 70% of public servants. Walk each day with pride.

    • Guest

      You mean the loss of jobs of those working for a private company vs those milking the hard earn taxes paid by 10% of the population?

      Yep there is a big difference.

  • steve and monique

    Wonder if they(Helen etc) will say the same thing over Fairfax decision to close down three of their Tech mags today. World is full of gloaters. Just a pity there are not more honest winners like Cam,who shine a light on what can only be described as people getting paid for fuck all( eh Helen etc). Guess they feel they have won some victory. Well bad news,we will all support Cam, and continue to visit this site. The army is getting bigger,and this is one place you cant hide. As for fairfax,well there loss.

  • Russell Bell

    According to the Herald article “NZ Truth to cease publishing after 125 years… founded in 1905” – we’re in a time warp

  • The Dog Thinks

    Cam one door closes and another opens – as one of the commentators wrote perhaps another paper. 1st I would consider perhaps a formalized electronic paper that is subscription based in whole but free in part. Strong editorial comment is what this country needs especially when it challenges the mainstream / sanitized views of the traditional papers such as the Herald etc.
    good luck you have support in the readers of Whale Oil. both good and bad. Woof Woof.

  • Hazards001

    Bugger. The Truth isn’t going to be published again. Where the fuck am I going to find a date….errr the interesting editorial content and hard hitting investigative journalism now?

    • Travis Poulson

      There’s always the local phone box.

      • Hazards001

        Dial 0900 ph a news story?

        Oh wait…you were concentrating on the other…right? Maybe 0900 ph a friend?

    • Dave

      Interesting editorial……. Investigative Journalism, well not the NZ MSM, they miss by a country mile on all points, including the date.

      To the date, a “Pink” song comes to mind for you Hazards :)

      • Hazards001

        lmao…and I think I’ll survive :)

  • Mediaan

    Seems to me it’s another win for Cameron Slater, having got in before the disappearance of all newspapers and gained that unique print editor experience.

    I think he was given the job too late to turn the weekly round, but he has made “Truth” more talked about and thus given added value to the masthead, which in theory is very saleable.

    The actual product was a difficult one, because it was a mix. At the front was tabloid Hot News and Sport Truth, and at the other end was Hot Body Truth. As several commenters have said, the two ends of the newspaper would have failed to help each other and might have been mutually destructive.

  • pukakidon

    Good on you Cam. There are those that give it a go and then there are those that just say it wont work, they are the glass half empty crowd and always expect someone else to pay them a living. That is typical of the Left, dont give a toss about the people just so long as they get their nasty jab in.

  • It’s 2am in the morning, and there are posts being thrown about with facts, figures, threats and promises that I think could be damaging to this blog if left to escalate unchecked while I try to catch some sleep. As a result, I’m locking this thread down until Cam can look things over in the morning. He can unlock it again if he’s happy to let things continue.