Tuesday nightCap

Mark Steyn talking about the fraud of multiculturalism, which he calls “a cult of ignorance”, on The Michael Coren Show.

Steyn believes that what he describes as “Eurabia” — a future where the European continent is dominated by Islam — is an imminent reality that cannot be reversed.


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  • thor42

    I agree. It’s a huge worry.

    Anyone who is convinced that Islam is a “nice” religion should be pointed to this quote by none other than Heinrich Himmler – “Islam is very similar to our worldview”. It is well-known that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was a close friend of Hitler and met with him a number of times.

    The problem is that we in the public-at-large know much more about Islam than the politicians do. They accept at face-value the bland assurances of Muslims, whereas we know that they are only saying what they know people want to hear.

    • onelaw4all

      It’s called taqiyya.

  • Rat

    I cant comprehend that the Worlds biggest, most popular and engaging blog..seems to be filled with YouTube videos…there has to be an issue with the gathering of the data, a bit like Russel Rasputin Beaumont and his twenty odd sock puppet profile postings, I dunno, doesnt add up

  • Kopua Cowboy

    Racism! He’s a racist! And a bigot!

    Seriously though, good on him. I’ll bet HE doesn’t believe in global warming