Watch out Kimmy, you’re next

Despite the best efforts of his embedded PR team of Paul Little and David Fisher at the NZ Herald (how’s the book coming along boys), Kim Dotcom is still likely to face extradition.

He will no doubt have seen this news, which doesn’t look good for him and his attempts to evade the law.

California state Attorney General Kamala Harris today announced criminal charges and the arraignment of three brothers who face up to five years in prison for operating an illegal website that allowed users to watch bootleg versions of copyrighted TV shows and movies. Hop Hoang, 26, Tony Hoang, 23, and Huynh Hoang, 20, were arraigned in Alameda County Superior Court today for allegedly operating the website, which allowed users to illegally stream more than 1,000 copyrighted titles on computers and mobile devices. The three have each been charged with one count of conspiracy, four counts of receiving stolen property and one count of grand theft after their computers were seized. 

The MPAA initially began an investigation into and and sent a cease and desist letter to Tony Hoang. He and his co-defendants allegedly resumed the illegal operation under the new domain name Over its 18 months of its operation, the trio made about $150,000 in ad revenue via Google search ads.

“There are now nearly 80 legal online services in the United States dedicated to providing movies and television shows to viewers”, MPAA chairman and CEO Chris Dodd said in a release from the state AG’s office today announcing the news. “But to realize the enormous potential of these businesses and ensure an Internet that works for everyone, it is critical that government, content creators, the tech community and others work together to stop illegal rogue sites”.


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  • chadchambers

    Kim Dotcom has the philanthropic spirit. He’s donated to New Zealand in a way that makes the New Zealand rich (like Rod Drury and Sam Morgan) look like scrooges. We have a lot to learn from this guy and I’m happy he’s chosen NZ as a place to call home.

  • Mr_V4

    The Dotcom case is completely diffirent to these sites in that:

    a) The above sites did not comply with legal requirements of the DMCA.
    b) The sites were not general files storage, but specifically for streaming of illegal video.
    c) These guys ignored cease and desist notices, and simply changed domain. Dotcom did not receive cease and desist notices, he simply had his business taken down overnight with illegal warrants and no trial.