Wellington Thrives on Nanny State

via the tipline

John Key was right when he said Wellington was a dying place. It’s only chance of survival is keeping the thousands of bureaucrats ferreting away thinking up new ways to control people’s lives.

How surprised do you think I was when the tip line alerted me to a bunch to do-gooders, no doubt donkey deep in the trough attending a research symposium group hug in Wellington today – all feigning worry about fatties.


Low and behold one of the speakers is mad-as-a-hatter Beowulf expert Professor Janet Hoek. Today she leapt up on stage calling for “denormalisaton campaigns” using tobacco restrictions against fast-food companies like McDonalds. Here’s one pic from her slide show the tipster sent in:


Here’s my suggestion for them all…


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  • Dave

    My God, talkabout a degree in flower arranging, take a look at her profile, simply unbelievable. I should be able to get a job alongside her on the effects of “potterism” in the marketing to the modern consumer. How do Universities that spend our Tax Dollars come up with such drivel?

    • blokeintakapuna

      They do it when there’s a Labour govt…

  • Col

    Know that girl knows how to eat a burger, she can eat my burger anytime, great add.
    The trouble is when you go for a burger you can’t see the slim people for the fat ones.
    You get 3 slim for 1 fat.

  • spollyike

    So now the homosexuals are all good, fatties are the next “minority” in need of a socialist leg up.

    • unsol

      au contraire my angry little bigot – the fatties are not a minority, they are very much the majority in this country..as represented by the number of those brave souls who put their names on here for the weight loss challenge (guaranteed there is many more who are not so brave).

      So what’s your solution then? I assume you are not a fan of freeloaders so perhaps only allow those who are nett taxpayers to become fat? Send the rest to bootcamp? License junk food so that only those with a BMI of less than 22, who are within their weight range & regularly do at least 30mins exercise per day can buy it?

      • JeffW2

        No, you make people pay for a much greater share of their medical bills and reduce taxes accordingly. And for those who don’t respond, it no longer matters to the wider community.

        • unsol

          I like user pays. Problem is of course is that the masses make-up most of our population & it is the masses that are already not paying their way – whether benefits, WFF or simply not paying enough in taxes to cover their share in the infrastructure, health, education & their future NZ super check.

          So I tend to lean towards preventative measures – ban all junk food & takeaways. Why not…it is a poison as spikes blood sugars & salt levels, is nutritionally deficient & has no satiety whatsoever which means that people of course want to eat more of it.

          It is also unaffordable for most. Yet the same people try & claim healthy food is too expensive – which is of course, absolute BS.

          • JeffW2

            All fair points, but it seems to me that the more government does the less “the masses” do for themselves. So good ideas end up making the situation worse. We need a programme which builds gradual increase in personal responsibility.

          • unsol

            Where NZ is concerned the govt is in between a rock & a hard place – the govt for decades did less re food, alcohol (cycle of no restrictions/restricting/removing/amending the restrictions) & cigarettes yet still problems eventuated.

            Most people it would seem are inherently stupid whereby they are programmed to make bad choices that the taxpayer ends up paying for.

            So perhaps we do need to go all nanny state where obesity is concerned – it might give us a fighting chance re having a healthy generation capable of teaching their young the basics of energy in vs energy out & good vs bad food choices.

  • unsol

    What the hell does Janet Hoek – a so-called expert in English literature, biology & zoology, know about food nutrition or weight loss? Clearly nothing judging by that slide above.

    But the real question is what is the best solution for the1 in 3 adults & 10 per cent of children aged 2 to 14 who are considered obese?

    If not the anti smoking campaign type approach then what?

    Perhaps those trying to lose weight via the challenge on here have some good suggestions?

    • Salacious T Crumb

      Perhaps the refusal by the medical profession to pick up the pieces for their lifestyle choice until certain criteria are met.
      This is already done with some types of surgery and treatment with great success. Essentially, we ain’t gonna treat you till you sort your shit out.

    • Hazards001

      The best solution is to butt out. The world has enough fucking try hard pull throughs like Janet Hoek trying to tell the rest of the world how to live. After the ciggys its burgers then beer and wine then all booze then it will be the sugar tax. once that’s done the fun police of which you seem to be a paid up member will move to swing sets and slides in the play…nope…wait..they already got there..
      For fucks sake…who said we should want to live forever? Stuff that.
      When I go in the box it will be with my body worn out with a beer in one hand a box of chockies in the other yelling…

      • unsol

        The govt for many decades did butt out yet butts got bigger…..

        All very well not living forever, but if your choices are placing a financial burden on others then those others should have the right to hold you to account – perhaps we need to treat fat people the way most of us on the right want to treat the non nett taxpayer (make people accountable for the money the get for free – make people accountable for the health care they will cost us)…….which in many cases is often the same thing!

        • Hazards001

          You have interesting perspectives on life unsol. You’re right wing if you think it involves what you perceive as your money but a socialist when it comes to determining how other people get to live. Must be confusing?

          • spollyike

            So like most women then?

          • unsol

            Has hazards down vote troll started to stalk you too?!!!

          • unsol

            Not socialist – dictator which s very much a female thing (our way or the high way).

            But it’s a good question – if a free for all results in freeloaders whether benefits or fat people then perhaps doing a complete about turn is the best way to corrects it (so tun of State tap completely or regulate heavily to force better choices)….

  • Orange

    Move WETA to Auckland and use the space saved for cafes and other yuppie stuff. After all, that’s what cities are for. [sarcasm for the benefit of kiwiblog]