Whale Oil Tax?

Via the Tipline

I thought you might get a kick out of this. In the game “Dishonored” (winner of numerous Game of the Year awards for 2012) the settings is a world in which whale oil is used as a source of power. All over the game are references to Whale Oil. It’s kinda funny. Here’s an image as an example.



That’s one of the few taxes I would approve of.


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  • Hazards001

    Outstanding. A totally politically incorrect PC game..bring it on. I’m hopeless at most of those games but I love the premise of Grand Theft Auto just cos it pisses off the hand wringing limp wristed whiny hinny brigade to hell and back. I can’t be arsed trying to play it cos my skill set doesn’t run in that direction but it slayed me watching a GF’s 14 year old play it years ago while she was abusing him for stealing cars and beating up women Too Fuckn Funny!