Whaleoil Blog Commenters, please note!

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via blogspot

Once a comment is left, the author can come back at any time and change what they have written.

It has been a long established etiquette that when people change the meaning or substantially alter a comment that was previously left, they admit it by adding EDITED or UPDATED to the bottom of the comment, and most even provide a reason for doing so.

Recently we have observed certain people substantially changing their comments but not signal they have done so.  People who responded to the comment when it was in the original form appear to be responding in some disconnected way, and they are now made to look foolish.

The original commenter can actually manipulate the conversation by doing this on purpose.  So far, we’ve only seen it happen to fix up personal embarrassment, but it is something that deserves a mention (hence this post).

It’s good manners to indicate at the bottom of your comment if you have done anything more than just fix up spelling or bad grammar.  Convention has it to add “EDIT: ” followed by a short explanation.  Or, probably better is to leave the original text in place and add “UPDATE: ” followed with the new information you want to add since first leaving it.

We have a few people identified for this practice, and would like to see them change their ways before it becomes a real problem and requires us to act like parents.   Thank you for not making us do that.


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  • Jimmie

    I occasionally will do that if I notice I have done a typo or two or if I have another thought a minute or two after the initial comment.

    I will try to remember the edit thing but is it possible to do like trademe where it says if a post has been edited?

    • Travis Poulson

      Nope Disqus doesn’t offer that feature. Changing a spelling error is one thing, but what we are getting at is significantly editing/altering a comment during the course of a thread/conversation. We also had a situation last weekend where someone made a comment on a thread that was complimentary, but having seen that person had called them out for the way they were conducting their argument when in fact they were doing the same thing he/she let emotions get the better of them, went back to the other thread and deleted the complimenting comment entirely and just replaced it with 2 words without any mention of editing until it was pointed that they had been caught out.

      Instances of situations like that, and deliberate manipulation of debate is what we are trying to stamp out.

      • TomTom

        Hopefully Disqus will provide the “look at previous versions” of comments that Facebook has.

  • Peej

    Fair enough. So when Bill Clinton comes on here (no pun intended) and alters his Monica answers we need to know that it’s his second (or more) go at it.

    Same for things like rail loops being loopy one week but totally amazing the next week .

  • Agent BallSack

    I edit for spelling, and if I add anything to the post I add –

    EDIT: Or I reply to myself.

    • unsol

      Me too. Although sometimes I have changed words around so it made more sense (keeping content the same) & not bothered as didn’t think it matter. Other times I have done a complete re-go at my reply & not bothered to put edit as no one has liked/disliked or replied or because I simply wanted to wind them up.

      Mostly though when I have a rethink on humouring stupid tangents I go back restate my views in my first comment then replace all the others with ….. then delete so they come up as guest. I do this when I think an important issue has been completely derailed & don’t want the bullshit on my comment history.

      But end of the day who gives a flying fuck about whether people edit & say so. I have more of an issue with the lack of integrity some people approach contentious topics or other commentators. The tunnel vision & sheer hypocrisy expressed by some on this blog at times is really something else.

      • Patrick

        So let’s recap, you say you go back to your previous posts & do a complete rewrite just to wind people up, you also manipulate the chain of comments because you don’t like the comments history – and then you bitch about a lack of integrity & hypocrisy? You have got to be joking aren’t you?

        • unsol

          If you cant comprehend comments properly I cant help you.

          There is nothing wrong with bringing a topic back on track or thinking better of humouring bullshit. After all, isnt that what we are here for? To debate topics or is it that you prefer this blog, particularly important & contentious issues, continues to get consumed by silliness? That it continues to be hijacked by bullshit, wild tangents & oneupmanship? Perhaps we should put that to a vote too. Are you here because you have a genuine interest in real issues facing in NZ, or are you merely a troll seeking to spark up unnecessary commentary so WOBH continues to be the number one blog? What would your answer be? Mine is the yes to the former.

          FYI the wind up merely referenced an exchange with Travis when he claimed he could a BMW convertible out of a tight space which I took to mean drive out. But when I saw he meant physically lift I did a re-write as I didnt believe him, so said doubt it to wind him up. But turns out he really could.

          Edited for grammar – I missed the extra o on “to” & added a comma after “him”….you know, important stuff…

          • Patrick

            Nothing wrong with my comprehension thanks, & making accusations about me trolling is unnecessary. My attraction to this blog is because I fervently hope WOBH can do some good in changing the leftie sockcock attitudes that are so prevalent in NZ media & politics. I have no interest in scoring page hits for Slater they will come as the result of him & his team running a good blog.

          • ThievingBastards

            And there she goes lecturing others on the comprehension of her comments. What a hypocrite.

          • unsol

            If you look at your first reply to me then compare your second can you see a difference in tone? Had you adopted the same tone as you did in the second comment then I would not included the trolling question in my request for clarification. Your recap was indicative of someone who had no interest in even attempting to see validity in my comment. It was tantamount to scoffing.
            In terms of your reason as to why you come on here – I agree. But people like thieving bastard – who is most probably a troll (new commentators coming on & randomly attacking people is generally the giveaway) are doing this blog far more harm than good. And there seems to be more of them whereas many fantastic people seem to have left. People who added to rather than detracted from the core issues being debated.

          • Patrick

            Change in tone? Not really – TBs recall of your previous posting is correct though isn’t it?

          • ThievingBastards

            And just to clarify proof of her amnesia induced hypocrisy, she said BMW when in fact it was a Mercedes Benz. She rants about things from one week to the next not remembering what she said the week before and ends up contradicting herself.

            Not to mention her constant complaining and lecturing attacks on people and how they comment is detracting from the quality of the blog, not what she consider to be trolls. Anyway must go, business won’t run itself.

          • unsol

            You mean the BMW vs the merc? Yes he is right, but it changes nothing. The brand of the car was irrelevant to the issue.

          • Patrick

            No, the description of using a car jack to shift the car, that was relevant

          • unsol

            Travis’ exact words were: “Edit: I could get the Merc out of there easily with nothing but a car jack and a bit of muscle.”

            I took that to mean he was stating that his strength would be the determining factor. Given he signed up for the weight loss challenge I questioned it.

            He then clarified with “And yes I could physically move it sideways, you don’t have to be He-Man, that’s where the bottle jack comes into play. I’ve already successfully done it in the past with a heavier Isuzu Bighorn to get it onto some boards to get it out of a bog. My wife can vouch for it.

            It’s about being smarter, not stronger.”

          • ThievingBastards

            You will be interested to know he never said anything about physically lifting it. Even I remember reading that comment so I dug it up for you in all it’s copy/paste glory: “I could get the Merc out of there easily with nothing but a car jack and a bit of muscle.”

            Car jack he said? CAR JACK? wouldn’t that suggest the car jack is doing the lifting? And you scream at others for not reading YOUR comments properly. I only need to look back to yesterday for one of those pearlers.

      • “because I simply wanted to wind them up.”

        This is classic troll behaviour and intellectually dishonest. You have been caught once…don;t let it happen again.

        • unsol

          Bollicks. It was a fair call & it was before he replied. It is one thing to believe that Travis – as a truck driver – could drive a small car out of a small space, but entirely another to believe he could physically lift it even with the aid of the jack.

          • Travis Poulson

            This where your lack of experience shows. I never said I could physically lift it. You are digging yourself deeper by arguing something you have no understanding of, even others have picked it out.

            Why would I lift it? that’s what the jack is for. Stick to what you know instead of making yourself look silly arguing things you don’t understand.

        • Mediaan

          One of the things that attracted me to your work WO is your tolerance. Please don’t start to get too judgmental.

      • Changing comments to suit yourself doesn’t show a lack of integrity?

        • unsol

          If you go & change the context of what you have said after someone has replied so that they look like idiots then yes.

      • “But end of the day who gives a flying fuck about whether people edit & say so”

        Well, I do.

        And to a smart person, that should mean something.

      • Mediaan

        Agree totally on the “who gives a FF”.

      • motorizer

        you like to “simply wind them up”. thanks for the heads up.

  • Spiker

    Participants in this blog generally use good English. This is a lot better than trying to comprehend the vulgar ravings of the illiterate rabble on the TVOne News blog. What a depressing showcase for the loony left that is!

    • unsol

      Or the stuff website.

      • TomTom

        Or shock, horror, the Standard.

  • Mediaan

    I edit a lot because this machine is hell for printing typos, or because I notice I haven’t conveyed meaning properly. Or, a few times, to avoid garrulity (too wordy), or because I have included too much extraneous stuff that just overloaded the comment.

    If it leaves people stranded in their comment, I certainly do make this clear, out of courtesy.

    I appreciate the editing function.

    • 99% of the people use it as intended. It was just time to highlight there are some people who are abusing the privilege.

  • Spiker

    Better than TVOne-eyed News embedded socialist slanted “news” and dodgy pronunciation – such as “Inter-island Fairy” and Bernadine’s “Kee-Owra.” I am surprised that the entire Harawira clan hasn’t invaded the studio. Also, I would like to know which dictionary contains the word “coronial.”