What? $24,100 and No free guinea pig? [GALLERY]

I have blogged on guinea pigs before…but as a tasty alternative to traditional meat.

But check out this charity auction in the US…for a suit of chainmail and a helmet for your pet guinea pig.

Guinea Pig Armour

Guinea Pig Chain-mail Armour

Is your pet guinea pig tired of wandering around the house unarmored and vulnerable? Do they get picked on by other guinea pigs? Has your guinea pig ever wanted to go with you to a Renaissance Faire but had nothing to wear?

Fear not! A solution is here!

This hand-made scale-mail and tiny steel helmet will keep you guinea pig protected and secure in all situations. The scale-mail is made from polished steel scales and steel rings. It was painstakingly “woven” by me over several weeks in an effort to better prepare my guinea pig Lucky for the dangers of the modern world. The helmet was purchased at a Renaissance Faire later as it was the perfect finishing touch.

Lucky mostly wore his armor to begrudgingly pose for photos – once on top of a remote-control jetski. Don’t worry – he never rode the thing in the water… I don’t think he would have had the balance.

Lucky passed away this weekend, and no longer requires his noble suit of armor.  In his honor and memory, any money from this auction (after Ebay fees) will go to the Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue in Virginia. Lucky was adopted from the organization, and they’re a fantastic group who do all they can to find, foster and adopt (to others) Guinea Pigs in the northern Virginia area. You’ll see them on this auction as a 100% donation – it’s not a hollow promise :)

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  • Donovan Jackson

    Gonna make it fucking difficult to gut the little bugger.

  • Dave

    Probably died from carting around all that weight!! What next, lipstick on pigs…….

  • Guest

    That’s really cool. I wonder if they make them for bunnies….

  • Orange

    Looks like plate to me.

  • Tiberius

    But would the armour fit a miniature giant space hamster?