Where’s the Money Moira?

The Labour Party is flat broke, and has been since “Fat Tony” stopped shaking down people for funds.

Mike Williams, affectionately known as "Fat Tony"

Mike Williams, affectionately known as “Fat Tony”

Under Andrew Little donations to the party just about dried up entirely, and Moira Coatesworth hasn’t done anything to fill up the coffers. 

Labour have asked Ross Robertson not to force a by election in Manukau East as they can’t afford to fund the by election in Ikaroa Rawhiti and the pending by-election in Christchurch East when Lianne becomes mayor of Christchurch.

Sources inside Labour HQ are saying that if Peter Dunne resigned Labour may not be able to afford a campaign in Ohariu, and to hold onto Christchurch East.

Fat Tony must wonder what has happened to his party. God knows Helen doesn’t care anymore.


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  • johnbronkhorst

    They should ask their union buddies. Or is that well dry too. Wonder if the union members know??

    • Liberty

      There is plenty of money from the unions.
      H3 will be list number

    • Patrick

      Unions will not pay up until their “agents” are certain of their list positions

  • LionKing

    They could “visit” old Paddy Lee-Lo at the BSC and ask for a “donation” out of their members cash pile! Spotless Cleaning Services wouldn’t be too pleased about that though.. nor would the other members of the fish gang.

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    No chance of getting anything from the unions when the unions man was rejected for The Eas’ Coas’, eh?

    And Cameron, how the hell do you expect ‘Moira’ to raise any money when the product she is selling is a crock full of shit?

    The only worse crock full of shit is the Federal ALP

  • Pita

    There’s always Parliamentary services…Just ask Helen.

  • GazzW

    Ask Clint.

  • rockape

    Labour are realy having a problem. Their voter base is fading away. The Unions are running short of money and its only time before members react to the diversion of their union subs to Labour. The smart move would be to dry up their funds completely. It wouldnt be difficult, stop bosses collecting union fees. Clearly identify what is a Political levy rather than fee to run the union and allow members to opt out of the political levy. Trouble is JK is such a nice chap!

  • blokeintakapuna

    Ironic that they might need to do a “partial asset sale” to free up some funds to be re-invested into by elections.
    They might even get Trev to help them put up some Trade Me auctions…
    Or they could do what they wanted the entire country to do – and borrow money to fund their expenditure. Trouble is, the banks will want collateral, or to be assured of a solid investment… and that’s where it will all unravel…

    • Time For Accountability

      Its alright folk – Uncle Owen will fund them.

      Alternatively Sheep is a Rich P’ with his NY bank account – he can afford it.

      • unitedtribes

        Maybe even KDC

  • peterwn

    A set of policies of some sort encourages donations from certain corporates and wealthy individuals who can see how to make money out of Labour policies. However if there are no such policies or if a coalition partner is likely to block the policies there is no point in donating.

    • Agent BallSack

      a la Roger Douglas!

  • Mr_Blobby

    The likes of Skycity will probably be willing to stump up funds in return for not objecting to there business monopoly, like wise to Council, to continue to shut down their competition.

    Other big corporates also wanting a shot a a Monopoly. How about a brewery monopoly. What would they be prepared to do for the rights to only have there beer and spirits sold in Auckland.

    • Hazards001

      Such as the Waitakere Trust? Old news.

  • Col

    50000 labour Voters gone to Aussy, now they have no voters, all gone.

  • Donovan Jackson

    Who’d spend money on these fuckups?