Why didn’t Northey abstain?

Yesterday I blogged about the muppets at Auckland Council voting against the SkyCity deal.

Christine Fletcher abstained because of a conflict of interest because she is a trustee of an organisation that has received funding from SkyCity.

I don’t believe she should have had to have done that, but at least it shows she was mindful of conflicts of interest and honourable in declaring it.

But you have to ask why Richard Northey didn’t also abstain and declare his conflict of interest. 

Richard Northey sits on the Board of the Problem Gambling Foundation.

The PGF is funded by the gambling industry as a whole via the Problem Gambling Levy set by MoH and collected via IRD.

The PGF receives $4.642 million via Ministry of Health which is ALL funded by gambling interests.



So Richard Northey had a clear conflict of interest in that his organisation also receives funding via MOH of SkyCity funds…plus he has a personal and professional interest in spiking anything SkyCity does.


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  • Patrick

    Slip them a few tickets to the box at Eden Park next time the ABs are playing, the hypocritical bunch of haters will come round. That is all they are waiting for – “what’s in it for me?”

    • rockape

      Your last phrase sums up NZs problem. If striking was the British disease, whats in it for me is the Kiwi one.

  • Get a grip

    WOuldnt worry tooo much-half of them might be out come October and then the next Council can have another vote. Seems it might have just been the stupidy of lection year in local politics. Like the fluoride decision at Hamilton.

  • Mark

    The last thing they want is for gambling to stop,then they are out of a job,same with the parasites from ASH.
    How about the Woodlands Trust,they advertise their services as a Pokie Education Course on the radio.They are all the same,dishonest hypocrites.Hundreds of do-gooders sucking off the tit of the people they claim are the problem

  • cows4me

    You can’t have a conflict of interest when you tell others you wish to organise their lives by limiting their freedoms . it’s not a conflict of interest, it’s everything that a free society should despise.

  • Hazards001

    Christine Fletcher is a troughing do gooder. She’s the person that went to Auckland Council after she lost the Mayoralty and asked and then instigated an action regarding whether or not a spa pool with a lockable lid needed a pool fence.

    Today as a direct result of the stupid bureaucratic troughers dumb fuck opening of Pandora’s box it is technically possible to be prosecuted for having a kids paddling pool if it’s not fenced off to all and sundry.

    Of course she abstained from voting. The fucking troughing mole needs to abstain from standing!