Why do unionists lie?

Watch this video from this morning on The Nation.

After Jami-lee Ross has his bit to say about his bill they let Darien Fenton have a crack and she lies right from the get go about Ports of Auckland.

She calls that dispute a lock-out when it wasn’t. It started as a strike and only became a lock-out near the end after some violent scenes at the gates of the port.  

Frustrated Auckland port workers marched to the waterfront through lunch-time traffic yesterday after voting “unanimously” to end a four-week strike, only to be denied entry.

Chanting “Whose port? Our port” and “Where’s the mayor? Not here”, the 100-odd workers had a police escort back to their picket outside Fergusson container terminal.

They had accepted a Maritime Union recommendation to end the strike after the council-owned port company undertook to the Employment Court on Wednesday to suspend plans to sack them and almost 200 other workers, and return to collective bargaining.

But even before casting their votes, they received word that the company had issued 14 days’ notice of a lockout against them.

So they had been on strike for 4 weeks before being locked out.

Why did Darien Fenton lie?

In looking at this issue, you have to weigh up a small legislative change of just 44 words including the title, against a union movement who are willing to lie to gather support for their contention that this is an excessive and draconian change to legislation.

After lying about the Ports of Auckland dispute Darien Fenton would have you all believe that this 44 word change to legislation is more draconian than the removal of compulsory unionism?

This chicken little behaviour of always suggesting the sky will fall in is unbecoming. It shows the union movement is out of touch with reality.

All this proposed law change does is return the the legal situation that existed between 1908 and 2000.

If allowing temporary workers is so extreme, why did NZ wait over 100 years to ban them? Why did 8 Labour prime ministers allow temporary workers if it iss so extreme? Why didn’t Michael Joseph Savage, Peter Fraser, Walter Nash, Norman Kirk, Bill Rowling, David Lange, Geoffrey Palmer and Mike Moore all do nothing to remove the “extreme” situation that is now threatening the industrial relations framework, like never before, if it is removed.

Or are the unions just a bunch of chicken littles always thinking the sky is falling when it isn’t and hasn’t.

The most disappointing aspect of all of this is the cowardice of Peter Dunne, who opposed the ERA in 2000, but seems to have forgotten that. It also seems he has forgotten some donations too, which appear undeclared…perhaps he might like to refresh his memory.


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  • Why did Darien Fenton lie? Why is the Pope always a Roman Catholic?

  • Col

    Did someone say they will help anyone who is getting paid below the min wage, and if the employee is found guilty, they will be deported, does that go for NZers or are they just being bloody racist as normal. A part from those employers from far away, there will be NZers paying below the min wage.

    • Patrick

      Philip Field is an expert in these matters, perhaps he could be asked to comment.

      • Mediaan

        Very good point. We seem to be receiving migrants of the same low moral standing as greedy slack (Taito) Phillip Field, the well-known Labour Minister that, during very long proceedings, remained sitting in parliament, fully accepted by Clark and the caucus.

        Let’s remember only one Labour person ever condemned Field during those long months for his corruption.

        And that was “the scuttler”, Labour’s star run-and-dive athlete, the starting gun being any sign of Judith Collins’ court document servers. Andrew Little.

      • Mr_Blobby

        Has he been deported yet.

        • Patrick

          No but I bet the poor Thai tiler that worked his ass off for no money with the promise of a Kiwi passport has – funny how it works out isn’t it!

    • Mediaan

      What I heard, if you are talking about Q&A, was Nat minister Woodhouse commenting on greedy new-citizen Asian restaurant bosses and the like bringing in a gang of people from their old country and employing them at $4 an hour for 70 hours a week. There is some background justification like travel debt or similiar.

      Woodhouse is working on it. Might consider deportation of the (recent migrant himself) boss.

      At least, I think that’s what I heard. Information received at that horrible hour on a Sunday morning can be misheard.

  • williamabong

    Why did “Smackhead” lie?, because it’s in her DNA, it’s the only thing the busted fuck is programmed to do.
    Sooner Labour work out twisted old drug fucked unionist slappers like Fenton actually aren’t the solution, they are the problem, they will gain some opportunity to redeem themselves with the voters, untill they do they will be locked in a fight with the Gweens for third place.

    • Mediaan

      Fenton has an impeccable true-Labour ancestry, the right credentials, a traditional outlook including a husband and family, and a warm earthy motherly demeanour. She is leadership material, and a lot of New Zealand would skitter under her feathered wings in times of need if she were Labour leader. Don’t underestimate her.

      • williamabong

        You are joking of course, a wizened old drug addled hag would be a much better summary, the only thing their at would ever worry me is if she got her talons on the cheque book.

    • Mr_Blobby

      A little bit harsh Williamabong, but it is fair to say that she is well past her use by date.

      Unless Labor can refresh themselves they are doomed to be even more irrelevant, third place would look good.

    • Phil

      Women just can’t help it

  • johnbronkhorst

    Why do unionists lie?
    Because the truth is too painful for them.
    That they have been WRONG about everything and are now irrelevant!

  • Liberty

    Labour is only
    a minion to the Unions.

  • Mediaan

    Be fair — wharf workers traditionally do so little work each day that only a prolonged absence would even be noticed. The first four weeks absence was probably just to give the boss time to notice they were not doing anything.

  • LesleyNZ

    No wonder there are a lot of Labourites leaving the Labour Party – because of members like the lying Darien Fenton. Lianne Dalziel has probably seen the light ……………..

    • Mr_V4

      And to think it only took 23 years …

  • Steve (North Shore)

    I noticed Rachel was very balanced as usual – interupting Ross continuously and then giving Fenton free range

  • Custard

    As someone who works Ian heavily unionised workplace, but on a company contract I think I can answer that for you.
    They lie because somewhere along the line they have to. In order to justify the fees, the politics and the union bullying, lies are inevitable. How else are they going to justify the extortionate amounts the branch secretaries get (the local on here gets about 100k!!). The same goes for labour, it’s in their blood.