Will Holly Walker try to do this here?

Holly Walker has a lobby bill in the house at the moment. In the UK lobbyists are under huge pressure as a scandal over their behaviour and that of MPs has erupted.

But will Holly Walker try this here?

The Speaker of the House of Commons has suspended 80 parliamentary passes in the wake of the lobbying scandal exposed by The Daily Telegraph.

Dozens of passes, which allow privileged access to the Houses of Parliament, have been withdrawn after this newspaper disclosed that Patrick Mercer, the Newark MP, was prepared to organise a pass for journalists posing as lobbyists.?

The disclosure raised serious concerns about security.

More than half of the 80 passes were held by professional lobbyists. The decision was taken by the House of Commons Commission, of which senior MPs including Andrew Lansley and John Bercow are members.

The commission met on Monday afternoon. The passes had been issued to non-MPs by cross-party groups run by the Lords and the Commons known as All Party Parliamentary Groups.

David Cameron is also to address the security concerns by bringing forward new laws to rein in lobbyists.