Will the Nasty Faction Win Manukau East?

Ross Robertson?s retirement means one of the few safe Labour seats to come up this cycle is going to selection. The jockeying for position has already begun, with the nasty faction having to choose between two of its stalwarts to see who to back.

Kate Sutton is regarded as the real up and comer in the Nasty Faction, as she has done a Nikki Kaye and trodden over everyone to get her current position within Labour. No one outside the Nasty faction speaks highly of Kate, and she is disliked by just about everyone of her age or younger, just like Nikki Kaye. Kate doesn’t have any current links to Manukau East beyond a burning ambition to use it as a spring board to get to Wellington.?

The other nasty faction contender is Carol Beaumont, who may not be as nasty as Kate but is friends with all the right people in the nasty faction, and who?s nasty husband Robert has been doing the leg work for a stitch up in Manukau East in case Carol gets the arse from parliament again as a List MP. Robert has done the hard yards in the party too, working to get the party to adopt a policy of equal numbers of men and women in caucus. Like Kate, Carol doesn?t have any particular link to Manukau East except wanting a safe seat and a place at the trough.

Labour selections can still be won at a local level by a candidate willing to do the work. The nasty faction may not be able to stitch up this selection if the locals decide to support their own candidate rather than letting HQ impose an outsider on them.