Winston Peters smells blood in the water: Dunne “leaking like a sieve”

Peters has gone into Winebox mode.  Finally, after a few years of being in the media wilderness, reporters are asking him questions again.

Ousted minister Peter Dunne stands accused of several more classified leaks to a reporter.

NZ First leader Winston Peters – who first accused Dunne of leaking a report into GCSB spying on New Zealand citizens – now claims Dunne disclosed secret ministerial information on four other occasions.

Dunne did not reply to the allegations last night.

Peters told the Herald on Sunday that the United Future leader met Fairfax reporter Andrea Vance “frequently”, possibly including the evening before she published details of the leaked GCSB report on April 9.

“To sum it up in a phrase, there’s no fool like an old fool,” Peters said.

Peters backed up his allegations on Q&A this morning, saying Dunne was “leaking like a sieve”.

Asked if Dunne leaked stories to Vance, Fairfax executive editor Paul Thompson said: “We never talk about our confidential sources. I have no comment whatsoever to make, we won’t be going anywhere near that.”

At Friday’s press conference where he stood down as a minister, Dunne said his relationship with Vance was completely professional.

Asked about his relationship with the former News of the World reporter, Dunne replied: “There is absolutely nothing in that rumour. My relationship with Andrea Vance was professional as is my relationship with any other journalist.”

Hands up any journalists that received anywhere near 84 emails and lots of Tweets from Peter?


I didn’t think so.

Dunne has admitted canvassing the possibility of leaking the GCSB report with Vance but denied actually leaking it.

He tendered his resignation on Friday, after refusing to supply copies of 86 emails between himself and Vance. Instead, he surrendered edited summaries of 41 emails he had sent to her. He refused access to three more emails he had sent her, as well as the 42 emails she sent him.

Political commentator Bill Ralston said yesterday it was unclear whether there was anything other than a typical reporter/politician relationship between Vance and Dunne.

“It is obvious Peter Dunne was very interested in talking to her frequently and she was replying to him. You can’t tell if it was a professional relationship or something else.”

Let’s use the Duck Test shall we?

If it walks like a duck, dresses like a duck….




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  • Rodger T

    Where`s Guy Fawkes when you really,really need him?

    • Salacious T Crumb

      Yeah C4’s much easier to conceal.

  • Pete George

    “reporters are asking him questions again.”

    And as usual he isn’t answering them. He seems to feed them with what to say and then avoids any definitive answers leaving an impression that’s what he believes.

    He did it on Radio NZ on Friday.
    He did it on The Nation yesterday.
    He did it on Q+A today.
    Nothing answered properly. He can’t be trusted.

    Either Fairfax has leaked him emails (very bad) or he is lying by inference (normal). And if he hasn’t got the emails Fairfax have leaked just enough for him to bluster with.

    • Whafe

      Winston is as bent as a rusty old hairpin, the man couldn’t lie straight in bed…

      • David

        LOL! This has nothing to do with Winston. He blew with the whistle on corrupt Dunne. Mr Clean is a crook, he must go!

  • TomTom

    Christ. Can you imagine the friggin’ shit that’ll go on when he finally kicks it?

    • Patrick

      The celebrations will go on for weeks.

  • Salacious T Crumb

    Winston smells blood eh? Does that have an olfactory resemblance to $158,000?
    No, thought not.

    He’s like the school bully who thought he was all that only to find out the world he knew and ruled has grown up and passed him by yet still looks to destroy others as if that will provide the validation he so desperately seeks.

    Undoubtedly NZ’s most hypocritical and destructive politician.

    • A true hater and wrecker, for sure.

      • Meg

        However in this case, he is bang on.

    • Whafe

      The day Winston pays back the 158K he owes, is the day I will look to take any notice of what that old koot has to say!

      • Meg

        So do you believe Dunne is innocent then?

        • Whafe

          No I don’t believe Dunne is totally innocent at all, however what Dunne has supposedly done, pales in comparison to what the lying old koot that Winston is has done….

          Winston, where is the taxpayers of NZ’s 158K?

          • Meg

            If you have the proof, go lay a complaint with the Police. Otherwise it is pointless repeating it over and over.

            Slippery or not, Winston was right and got Dunne.

          • Whafe

            Got Dunne for exactly what Meg?

            What bending the truth, you make it sound like no MP’s leak information.

            Simple question, do you think Winston has ever leaked information to the media for political gain?

          • Meg

            Winston has done all sorts of dirty political tricks. But he is not the one who has been caught leaking information to a journo, refusing to assist in an investigation, and accused of leaking security sensitive information, is he.

            And if you think for one moment that just because Winston plays the game better than Dunne, that makes Dunne a poor victim,., think again.

          • Whafe

            Meg, I don’t for one moment think Dunne is a victim. Make your bed, lie in it…..

            Don’t at all be thinking that all should lay off of Dunne… My beef is that a lying scoundrel like Winston is in the thick of it. Yes it is politicking for sure. However the wider public has had a gutsful of all this crap coming from Politicians…

          • David

            Dead right. I can’t believe the majority on this forum who cannot accept that Dunne is corrupt. Get over it.

          • David

            Stop introducing red herrings. Winston has done nothing wrong. Dunne is a crook.

  • blokeintakapuna

    If he won’t release the emails to the enquiry… I bet his wife is real keen to read them now… or not…

    • If Bill Clinton can survive an oval office blowjob, and Prince Charles wanting to be a tampon, what on earth is Dunne worried about here? From appearances, he never even got beyond hoping something might develop.

      • All_on_Red

        Agree with you Petal. I reckon Dunne should start pointing out Winstons hypocrisy through the press.

        • Whafe

          Agree with Petal & All_on_Red, however, Dunne is a nice guy and “Nice guys always come last”

          He best change his stance and cease being nice and slay Winston in the media of which is required in this situation….

          By the way Winston, where is our 158K?

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          He doesn’t have any dirt on Winnie the messiah….

      • Liberty

        I suspect the leaking of the report or getting his leg over Is a red herring . After all the report is only of interest to a few deluded pinkos.
        Its around 40 years since the Spooks found a real spy. A right pinko and he got off. So it’s nothing new for the Spooks to stuff it up. I digressed.
        There is something else in the emails that Dun wants to keep quiet.

  • Patrick

    There is no way a Minister should have even been considering leaking the report to a journalist. That is unprofessional, & Dunne needs to own that error of judgement. However there is no way journalists & Peters should be running this scandal, Peters is the most corrupt, lying thieving politician to darken the doorways in Parliament. He should have been drummed out of the place years ago for his many indiscretions. Journalists are below used car salesmen & lawyers in the food chain & should in no way be given the scope to dictate matters as they currently do in NZ.

  • williamabong

    Peters smells the chance of a snap election in the air, and being the talentless populist that he is he knows the only way he stands a chance of getting back at the trough is to have his name on everyone’s lips.
    A simple but effective strategy, after all what has he achieved in the last two terms, so it’s hardly likely his results are going to propel him back to stardom.
    He is also a master at playing a lazy and talentless media scrum with the right amount of gossip to keep them hanging breathless on his every word.

    • LabTested

      It is going to be so Ironic if there is a snap election & Winston fails the 5%

  • Ronnie Chow

    The question is ‘did Vance spill the beans to Peters?’ From Fairfax…

    “Asked if Dunne leaked stories to Vance, Fairfax executive editor Paul Thompson said: “We never talk about our confidential sources. I have no comment whatsoever to make, we won’t be going anywhere near that.””

    But they have ‘talked’ , because Peters knows , and is drip feeding the dirt for maximum damage .

  • Pete George

    Up until Friday Peters was claiming that all the evidence was in the phone records. He said that in Parliament.

    Once the henry report was released and proved to be all about emails, suddenly Peters gets media to claim he has emails and he doesn’t deny it, and “electronic records”. Completely different story – meaning he misled parliament?

    I don’t think he suddenly got emails on Friday between 3.30pm and 5.15 when the email version started on Radio NZ.

    This suggests he’s been fed a little information, enough to attack, but nothing more. The rest is bullshit, hence he doesn’t answer any questions.

    • Troy

      Deception, political manoevuring and sensationalism – its Peter’s hallmark and that won’t change. Frankly, if I was Dunne I’d be asking, under parliamentiary privilege a question each day when it sits about all the many things Peter’s has been upto in the past – turn the tables and attention, it would fire up the bluster of Peter’s – but it has to be a deep question, each day. Politics is dirty, no time to be the “nice” guy Mr Dunne!

      • Meg

        Winston is better at the game than Dunne.

        Peter Dunne is finished.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    If it walks like a duck, dresses like a duck…It is then Trevor Mallard!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GregM

    Now that I have read the Henry report I think Dunne did leak it. The principle of Occams razor comes to mind.

  • FrederickM

    who cares ? Politicians.lawyers and journalist have affairs all the time and since the start of time have tended to be the most randy. The idea that the public are entitled to a higher standard of sexual behavour and fidelity from public servants or politicians is ridiculous. The hypocrisy of the Winston and virtually any Act politicians is always priceless and pious.
    The whole affair in both senses is comic. Surely Dunne should have been proud to display his trophy. NZ First types like Winston and Horan usually did- and its a lot of the point. The day Horan was bagged his female accomplice looked as though she spent the night out or up with boys. Winston would have loved the company-as he always has of SAS men and self styled political thugs.
    Dunne’s priceless pious pup anti synthetic and do gooding community MP shit pissed a lot of people off. If you want to inherit Andertons mantle don’t expect to impress the sophisticated. I don’t count the Christchurch Med School in that category.