You read it here first, Greens mad Education policy wants nurses in low decile schools

Some weeks ago I blogged about leaked proposals in Education that the Greens were working up. One of which included the hiring of thousands of nurses for schools.

Leaked Green education policy proposals

Leaked Green education policy proposals

It looks like the policy has come to fruition.

The Greens want to install nurses in every low decile primary and intermediate school to tackle poverty-related illness.

Co-leader Metiria Turei says the $30 million-a-year proposal will give around 112,000 children access to basic health care services. Almost 300 new nurses would be required to staff around 656 schools – with one nurse to every 400 students. 

The anti-poverty plan follows the breakfast-in-schools policy the government announced last week to feed hungry pupils.

Poorer children are less likely to have access to care because of the costs of getting to a surgery and seeing a doctor, especially when they turn six, Turei said.

At the party’s annual conference in Christchurch this morning, she pointed to a “major major gap” in the provision of health services to primary school age children. Those in deprived areas are three times as likely to be admitted to hospital for preventable illnesses.

The New Zealand Nurses Organisationrecommended the policy in its submission to the Government’s Green Paper on Vulnerable Children. , NZEI and anti poverty groups are also backing the move, a party spokesman said.

“We know that poverty, ill health and educational underachievement go hand in hand,” Turei said.

“Kids in the lowest decile schools are the least likely to get the medical attention that they need to stay well and do their best at school.”

I wonder how many others of their crazy policy initiatives

Funding would be allocated to district health boards. It would cost $17m to pay the nurses an average salary of $60,000 a year. The party says 20 per cent of new graduate nurses are unable to find work, so there is capacity in the system.

However, the school nurse positions would be sought by more experience nurses.

Another $10m of the funding would cover the approximately $90 in medical costs per child and $3m would take care of admin.

have made it through. This one will cost plenty.

One thing is very clear from all these proposals from the Greens and Labour. They think poor parents are shit at parenting and so want to do it for them. Surely these policies stigmatise the poor as crap parents, unable to feed their kids, care for them and administer basic health needs?

Every time they make claims about these depserate needs they are saying that those people are rubbish and so the state will care for their children. Nice.


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  • Josh Metcalfe

    Well one of the things charter schools could do is employ nurses and those nurses wouldn’t be a drain on the tax payer.

  • williamabong

    More vote buying populist crap from the pinko Gweens, don’t you just love the way these arseholes delight in picking the nations pockets.
    Between Norman trying to out nasty Trevor, this dopey brown blimp trying to buy votes, a Shearer flat out kissing their collective arses the future doesn’t look that bright.

    • Kingi

      Not particularly well thought out. The current government are doing a grand job of “picking the nation’s pockets”, in fact they excel at it. There is no benefit for the ordinary kiwi, only those already on massive incomes, or for those who want to see an extreme, fascist style right-wing government that will vindicate their own petty racism and lack of compassion.

      • Dave

        Kingi, by your comment “There is no benefit for the ordinary kiwi, only those already on massive incomes” you appear to think those people are lucky. some have been Lucky, but for the vast majority, their mid to high income is due to their OWN hard work and constant efforts to up skill. 99% of those on low incomes could increase their income level by upskilling, working harder or longer or both, however We all know some chose to stay poor by failing to plan or expert themselves.

        • Kingi

          I said not one word about luck ….. but since you brought it up, it is probably fair to say that many are unlucky, having lost jobs through no fault of their own and are struggling as a result. So many of the comments on this forum reflect a chilling lack of concern for such people, and an unwillingness to entertain the thought that perhaps the policies pursued by the current government have contributed to the poor state of the economy and the high unemployment rate. “99% of those on low incomes could increase their income level by upskilling, working harder or longer or both”; not sure where you get that statistic from. Your head, perhaps? And how would working harder at a job that pays a wage which is barely sufficient get you ahead? How many people commenting here are working for $13.50 an hour?

          • Dave

            Kingi Hope bout this, a worker came to ma just over a year ago and said it wasn’t fair as others earnt more than him and one of those was younger than him and didn’t have a family etc etc etc, a sob story of entitlement muchness!! I offered to increase his wages by $2.00 per hour after he got his forklift license, we would even pay for him to get the license. He liked that, and as an incentive when he passed his internal exam, I offered $100 bonus and another $100 when he passed his external forklift exam. We set him up with an internal mentor, one of our good operators and all he had to do was learn, study a bit and pass. His mentor came to me a few weeks later to announce, waste if time lazy fuck can’t be bothered, prefers to sit round doing nothing. Another said perhaps he struggles with written English, but he mastered crosswords okay. After 6 weeks I discussed the situation with him and put several steps in place and a deadline of 4 weeks, and then if he still failed he would be out, and as it was getting quiet, and as a low skilled employee he might not make it. Anyway, needless to say, he did a big fat nothing, failed and we laid him off. We offered to manufacture his luck for him and Di everything possible but he simply couldn’t be fucked at all. It’s workers like this that give others a bad rap Rangi and then the social do gooders expect the taxpayers to pay for them. This is one example Rangi, there will be hundreds of thousands of others very similar. Ps we hired a young guy returning to work after a minor leg injury, He got his license in 2 weeks and fits in with the team and is doing really well

          • Dave

            Kingi, here is a good reference for you, a strong willed lady making her own luck….. not one to stand around waiting, twiddling her thumbs. Please read the article. Oh, and don’t say that takes money, yes it does, but that what family, friends etc are for, even WINZ will help people to restart, but firstly, they need to show some initiative!!!!!!


            Cameron, perhaps this story could be highlighted, or a “Best Effort” of the week for someone turning their fortunes around!!

          • Kingi

            Good on ya Dave for offering to help him out.

  • spollyike

    However at the bottom of the article is the governments reaction:

    Health minister Tony Ryall said the Greens are “behind the eight ball” with the policy.

    “It is already happening,” he said.

    “We already have public health nurses spending significant time in low decile primary schools around the country. This is funded through DHBs.” He said there will also be social workers in all 670 low decile primary schools by end of next term.

    “The combination of nurses and social workers in schools has proven very effective.
    And we are rolling out extra nurses into decile 3 high schools. An extra 47 onto the existing 135 low decile secondaries.”

    Go figure…

  • johnbronkhorst

    “Funding would be allocated to district health boards. It would cost $17m to pay the nurses an average salary of $60,000 a year. The party says 20 per cent of new graduate nurses are unable to find work, so there is capacity in the system.”
    $17 mil divided by $60 000, means they are going to fund the wages for 264 decile 1-4 schools??? What about the rest of them???
    I don’t know how many decile 1-4 schools there are but I am sure it is more than 1500, meaning their costing is out by a factor of 5 and it would cost a minimum of $85 mil per year in wages alone and need 1500 nurses.
    As an aside, if 1500 nurses are 20% of new graduate nurses unable to find work, we are teaching 7500 nurses per year, aren’t we doing well then.
    Notice none of these number correlate with their initial statement.

  • Pete George

    Chefs in school.
    Nurses in school.

    What next – fathers in school?

    • Travis Poulson

      Brace yourself Pete, education might just sneak in one day instead of being a politically correct indoctrination camp too. I could be talking nonsense too.

      • Lion_ess

        That’s exactly what schools have become, producing obedient robots who don’t know how to think for themselves.

        • Teachersrock

          Not true at all. But there is no telling the tinfoil hat wearing National lies swallowing nutters.

    • Chad Chambers

      That’s what Matakana school is aiming for.

  • Alloytoo

    Why don’t the greens just Man up, save the state some money and take the kids away from unfit parents.

    • Chad Chambers

      And put them where?

      • Alloytoo

        Straight closed adoptions, start with the youngest.

    • Teachersrock

      So the state would still be paying for them then.

      • Alloytoo

        Only once this time.

  • Phar Lap

    Seems a one stop shop for” parents” if the Green Taleban have their way,with commie brain washing a speciality.Of course that means, that if the crazy idea comes to pass,all DPB payments will be cancelled.Maybe the bennies will have to work for wages.Also sounds a bit like the communist collective farming mentality,except the farming will be about children.

  • rouppe

    Interesting. When the government announces food in schools to tackle kids going to school hungry, this ia a “ambulance at the bottom of the cliff” because the real problem is poverty.

    Yet a nurse to treat illness which is almost certainly caused by the same factors that meant kids weren’t being fed before school is not an ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.

    • onelaw4all

      “Interesting. When the government announces food in schools to tackle kids going to school hungry, this ia (sic) a “ambulance at the bottom of the cliff” because the real problem is poverty.”

      If you are trying to make a cohesive argument of some kind, you need to avoid stating incorrect premises to lead off with.

    • Alloytoo

      There is a very expensive poverty floor in NZ, no one has to live in absolute poverty.

  • Troy

    The printing presses and xerox’s machines are on order – the toxic Greens will employ thousands more people besides the nurses to print those $$$ to pay for it all – up goes inflation, up goes poverty… FFS the Greens really are a fucked up party.

  • Dave

    So, the Greens plan to discriminate against kids in middle and upper shcools by depriving them of access to school nurses, shame on them. I might have to toddle off to Susan Devoy and point out their discrimination based on decile bands / income.

    • Teachersrock

      I hope you are going to report National as well using that logic. National is discriminating against rich kids with their food in schools.

      The Greens are doing just what National claim they are doing, targeting help where it is actually needed.

      • Dave

        how about a Post office at the schools Kosh so the poor can register all those unregistered cars, perhapa a loan sharks office in those lower decile schools so the poor can borrow more for their rego, court fines or to feed the pookies Meg, and how bout a police station in the lower decile schools Gayguy so some of them can report in.

        Where does it stop Teacherscock, where. Sister in law is a teacher, she tells stories of her days on the east coast as a junior teacher where a lot of kids came to school without breakfast, or lunch. in the preceding 30 years plus your beloved Labour party did nothing Paul, National however did.

      • axeman

        Have you not finished your lesson plans for tomorrow Paul?
        Now fuck off to bed

  • Lion_ess

    Poverty related illness? Now what could that be – spending one’s adult life looking for handouts.

    • Teachersrock

      Typical poorly informed comment. Not that it is a surprise.

      • Alloytoo

        “Poverty related illness” is that another euphemism for child abuse? Sounds like it to me.

  • Steve R

    first they were hungry even though all parents are paid heaps or this , now the lazy parents ( and lets be honest the cartoons were spot on ) cant even be arsed getting thierf kids the FREE healthcare that the govt provides for all kids

  • Ronnie Chow

    Wonderful . Filipino nurses in schools . They will work hard .

  • fecnde

    wtf is “progressive universal”?

    The spelling errors in the full scribed doc look a bit like OCR errors from a scanned document

  • Rodger T

    Here`s a thought,how about we put some fucking Teachers in our schools?

    • Callum

      Why? Most of them don’t know how to teach anyway.

      • Teachersrock

        More National party lies Callum.

        • Callum

          Given I am not a member of the National Party and I am talking from first hand experience then how is that statement “National party lies”?

    • Dave

      Better still, allow the MOE to establish a true database registration system, to ensure Teachers are registered, take the function OFF the NZEI.

  • Chad Chambers

    On ” the Greens think poor parent are shit parents”, I think the opposite is true. It’s the current govt who thinks that private Early Childhood Centres are better for pre-schoolers than their own natural mother that is the worry. This industry has exploded recently with ECC’s popping up on every second street corner because of the pressure imposed on families to have two parents working, even with under-fives in the house.

  • Teachersrock

    Well given that tax payer money will be given to charter schools, yes we would be paying for them.

    • Teachersrock

      Down voting does not make the truth any less true.

      • Josh Metcalfe

        I didn’t, but aren’t the charter schools a private/public mix? Therefore private investors could pay for nurses?