3 News suffers a “Herald Bomb”

Via the Tipline



Rescue helicopter story – except its a Russian helicopter gunship!!!!
I’d be running if I saw that, no matter what my injuries were!!!

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  • Shoreboy57

    makes a change from Whangarei’s fire truck

  • Dave

    Maybe the Horrid sacked the Journo and s/he moved on to TV3……. Um, a doctor who thinks patients cant be airlifted at night………

    Hello, why not, there might be a massive world wide powercut and the pilots wont be able to navigate by street lights ?

    • Tiberius

      We are talking about a helicopter though Arthurs pass and the southern alps from greymouth to Christchurch in the dark with no radar. The pilot would need balls of steel and be very familiar with the route. Quite a risky flight!

      • Dave

        Tiberius most are equipped with night vision and extensive radar /navigation gear, brother was a Paramedic on air ambulance up to last year, those pilots have balls of steel, very very skilled. Sometimes the choppers fly north to nelson if weather is closing over the alps !

        • Tiberius

          I stand corrected, but there is still no terrain radar on the list, but I didn’t know about the night vision goggles. It would still be a hairy flight.

    • Bunswalla

      What, you mean like gas-lamps?

  • spiker

    That image is of a military helicopter and it’s not designed for carrying sick and wounded. What’s going on?