A fair go? This isn’t kindy Mr Shearer



David Shearer is crying a river of tears to the media. He apparently wants a fair go. What have the last 18 months been?

Labour MPs at the centre of rumours about a leadership move within are adamant that there are no moves under way to oust David Shearer.

Mr Shearer, the party leader, has asked to be given a “fair go” by media rather than sideswiped by rumour and innuendo.

Speculation was sparked after Radio Live’s Duncan Garner tweeted on Tuesday night that a source had told him a no-confidence letter was circulating after disappointing polling and concern about Mr Shearer’s handling of the proposed women-only selection process. 

Labour MPs denied any reports of a letter and reacted angrily, accusing media of trying to destabilise the party through coverage of the rumour, and demanding over Twitter that Garner apologise.

Yesterday on TV3’s Firstline, Mr Shearer said the rumour was “bizarre” and that he should be given a “fair go”. “A fair go to have facts reported rather than innuendo and rumour.”

What a sook, this isn;t play time at the local play group or kindergarten.

Begging for mercy from the media is like asking a North Queensland croc to gum you gently.

I thought we were told this guy was tough, that he could stare down Somali war-lords, solve world hunger and all sorts of other walk-on-water feats of daring.

Turns out he is a big girls blouse. If David Shearer can’t hack a wee bit of pressure int he media he should piss off back to the UN.


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  • David

    What kind of pathetic weak arsed party leader would ask the media for a fair go!?! FFS that’s like waving a red flag at a charging bull! I think Shearer is a decent honest man but he is so far out of his depth in politics that it is just painful!

    • Not Mark Richardson

      a decent honest man with a used-to-be-secret bank account

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    Question for Mr Shearer, “Do you mean you want a fair go, like you gave Peter Dunne?”

    • Travis Poulson

      Giving a fair go to John Key with his imaginary tape.

      • Euan Ross-Taylor

        An interesting comparison Travis. Shearer was told that there was a tape and he was expecting to get his hands on it. Garner thought there was a letter and was expecting to get his hands on it. Now what we don’t know is if there is a letter, but we do know is, if not now, there will be one soon, so Garner will not look as stupid as Shearer.

  • Col

    Now is the time to say goodbye, goodbye.
    When you get in the ring to fight you don’t put your gloves on halfway through,
    2 things you can do here, lay on the floor for the 10 count ( this is happening now) or throw in the towel and jump out of the ring.
    Just Bugger off, the ships got so many holes, it is sinking, no one can fix it this coming election.

  • Travis Poulson

    HTFU David. And you expect to lead this country. You would get destroyed as PM.

  • Jimmie

    Something has to give.

    In Labour you have opposing forces all working against each other.

    Shearer vs Caucus

    Party vs Caucus

    Shear vs wannabe leaders

    Red blooded males vs feminists

    Unionists vs everyone else

    Gays vs Straight

    Maoris vs who knows??

    Added to these over inflated egos is the steady decline in polling for these fruits and a lack of $$$ in the party.

    The problem is the traditional safety valve for a non performing party was to stab the leader and appoint a new one with 50%+ caucus support.

    But wonderfully so Labour took this away with their dumb leader election process as the 50%+ MP’s are too scared that their prefered replacement will miss out.

    This leaves the status quo left in limbo with no way out.

    Its so funny ya gotta laugh – Death by 1000 cuts; all self inflicted.

  • Shoreboy57

    Man Up – oh that’s right you can’t. Your party wanted to ban them

  • parorchestia

    A fair go! Like you gave the PM, Peter Dunne and any minister who had to speak in the House? The braying of ass-like noises from the Opposition during Question Time was, of course, an indication of Labour giving the government a “fair go”. A fair going over more like. Hypocrite. Secret rich prick hypocrite.

  • Agent BallSack

    JK not be the best speaker in the world but hes not scared to front up to the media – look at the Gilmour saga. Yeah, I prefer a PM who can tell us what direction the country is going in no some vague mumbling. Also, hey vague innuendo is all the Labour Party runs with, tit for tat!

  • In Vino Veritas

    Fair go? Laughable really, given that there wasn’t a peep from him when Key was being slayed over the GCSB – in fact the media still say Fletcher was a “childhood friend” when in fact he wasn’t. Shearer has allowed other attacks, initiated by Labour, on Key by the media to go ahead without comment. Live by the sword, die by the sword pal. It’s the way the world works.

    • Phill

      like the “Increase in pokies” line over sky city, when in actuall fact the no. of pokies is decreasing nationwide.

  • thor42

    Yeah, I mentioned in the Stuff comments yesterday that he’s *already* had a “fair go”.
    The fact that he managed to have a high-paying job at the UN shows how **utterly bloody USELESS** the UN is. Bunch of corrupt, incompetent, socialist, ignorant, bludging, Islam-loving Israel-hating *pricks*.

    • Bafacu

      I’m not sure I caught your drift. Can you repeat that in plain English!

  • spiker

    Comrade Helen did a similar thing a few months out from an election. She claimed that the Labour Party had done some research which proved that the press was prejudiced against Labour. That was a half-truth at best. It was Chris Trotter who drummed up the notion and he published his findings in the Otago Daily Times, citing three incidents going back to the 1930’s! I took him on over that and I think I made him look the fool that he is. But, in fact, Comrade Helen was sending out the code for the embedded red journalists to do their stuff for the Party and it was very revealing. TVOne News emerged as a media branch of Labour with some of the most slanted so-called journalism ever seen in this country.

  • rightoverlabour

    David Shearer is a reasonable bloke, and possibly a good leader, but the Labia party are essentially so effed up that the only “leadership” they understand is Soviet style dictatorship, and that is not true leadership. No one, other than a hard arsed dictator will ever lead the bunch of stupid misfits that comprise the Labia party. Shearer is wasting his time, but I suppose he is drawing a reasonable salary and he’ll get some perks once they knife him and dump him like flotsam… And people vote for this bunch?

  • dogit

    This whole saga is great entertainment. Better than the soaps on TV. I cant wait to see what happens next week or even tomorrow…