A new business line for Fonterra, or a serious challenge?

Fonterra could be moving fast into a new growth area for milk…or they could be quaking in their boots with this new development in China.

China’s super-rich are paying thousands of dollars a month for human breast milk, with some even choosing to be wet nursed.

The bizarre new trend has seen a rise in adults buying breast milk and drinking it either straight from the wet nurse or after it was expressed.

Newspaper reports on the service have provoked outrage in China with tens of thousands of people posting on Sina Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.

According to the Southern Metropolis Daily, domestic staff agencies are offering wet nurses for newborns, sick people or anyone who will pay up to 16,000 yuan (£2,600) a month.

Customers say they want the concentrated nutrition breast milk provides.  

It has a unique combination of antibodies, living cells, enzymes, hormones and fatty acids that has led some people to treat it as the latest superfood.

‘Adult (clients) can drink it directly through breastfeeding, or they can always drink it from a breast pump if they feel embarrassed’, Lin Jun, owner of company Xinxinyu that offers the service, was quoted as saying by AFP.

Critics say the practice turns a mother’s milk into a commodity and cheapens the bond between mother and child.

Chinese commentator Cao Baoyin wrote on his blog: ‘This adds to China’s problem of treating women as consumer goods and the moral degradation of China’s rich’, according to AFP.

Nine out of ten people said they disagreed with the practice on an online poll.

One user on Weibo called it ‘disguised pornography’, while others said it was merely a form of novelty entertainment for China’s super rich.


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  • Jimmie

    Well I guess if you set up a milking plant you would only need 2 cups and not 4?

    Maybe convert a goat milking plant perhaps?

  • opusx

    This is just fucked up! Still, probably easier than spending your life trying to get close to your own wife’s boobies.

  • cows4me

    I don’t think a herd of women would be a very good idea, probably need hearing protection in the shed but I guess they wouldn’t piss or shit on you, um…………..

    • Jimmie

      Also the cups would need repositioning. I mean would you have them standing up or on hands and knees?

      • cows4me

        Don’t know Jimmie it’s a real dilemma isn’t it :-) Washing the teats would be fun though.

        • Travis Poulson

          It might take a bit longer, but hand milking might even come back as the main method.

          • cows4me

            True and labour would probably be easy to find and I’m sure you wouldn’t have to pay to much.

          • Jimmie

            Well yeah – you could have them milking each other and have the labour pay to watch?

          • cows4me

            Jeez you on to it Jimmie, I’ll be selling the cows next week.

  • Col

    I can see Noddy Norman getting behind Metiria Turei on this one.

  • NoVictim

    Im keen on doing the inseminating,(well mainly the heifers).

    • cows4me

      You good for 20x a day, what a stud.