A ‘tragic accident’? Did the shark just crash into him with its mouth open?

Radio New Zealand runs with a very strange headline:


A reader emails:

Possibly the coroners report is used in a poor way to produce this headline and it’s just a poor angle from Radio NZ.

While respecting coroner findings, I had long presumed that shark attacks were most probably always to be regarded as ‘accidents’.? I had also commonly regarded all such type of incidents as ‘tragic’. ?

And certainly I have not heard of a situation where a shark had somehow been trained to seek out and destroy a human being in which it would be could be regarded other than an accident.? Is the sea not the domain of marine life – their habitat -? and such situations were occasional but inevitable.

Really, was anyone holding their breath on the outcome of the coroner report?

Perhaps the coroner could look in to the ecological aspects that humans are changing behaviour of much wildlife.? And that people are meat when anything is hungry enough, even sharks which hate the taste of humans.

Fat people have these sorts of accidents all the time, food accidentally leaps from the plate into their mouths and they accidentally swallow…all. of. it.