A week of it

The Whale Army continues to report in the worst parking offenders

Hello Cameron,
I think we have a case of small penis =  big vehicle here.
This left had drive monster was parked on the footpath as well as taking up space in the adjoining parking spot.
You cant see how far this ass hats vehicle was intruding on the foot path , but you can see the right hand front wheel was over the curb and on the foot path.
The over the top bull bars and steel cage over the bumper were a good 1/2 a meter over the foot path.
I got busted taking these pictures so sorry about the finger over the cam .
This was taken Today out side Mozarts restaurant in Whangarei.

2013-07-18 11.22.32

2013-07-18 11.22.55



Finally got one! Outside kitchen things in Newmarket this
morning, couldn’t snap the numberplate though.

Wonder if he paid for the 2 parks?



Heaps of parks 20 m away across the lane at the new world but driving a merc gives you park like a cunt rights.





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  • opusx

    That sure is a big truck though!

  • RightOfGenghis

    With a wagon like that I bet he was at Mozarts chowin down on the giant pork chop. At 19 bux this has got to be the best value meal in Whangas!

    • Peej

      Right on about the giant pork chop! And since you know that, you’d probably reckon like me that the vehicle owner’s most likely not from Whangarei too!

    • P1LL

      No , I was in Mozarts , this clown was just shopping.

      In the second Pic the woman with the child was from the vehicle , I guess the Nana because there was another younger woman with a child in a push chair as well.
      Mozarts is the best value for money (great food too) for your $

  • Pissedoffyouth

    Not sure how else the Ram is going to park without being like that? Thats a better option then the parking with the arse out across the road one

    • Dave

      he should park somewhere else and walk POY. seems the way he parks he has a massive sense of entitlement!!

    • Travis Poulson

      A better option would be a short wheel base single cab.That double cab long wheel base Ram is a dumb purchase if you’re expecting to park in a standard car park in NZ. I mean anyone with half a brain can work that one out.

    • Michael

      Parking up on the pavement sometimes means people using wheelchairs/mobility scooters can’t pass if there isn’t enough space left.

  • Jimmie

    nice truck that one. Dodge sure make ’em good.

    • Kopua Cowboy

      If you can’t afford a Dodge, dodge a Ford!

  • GregM

    Definitely NOT a gay ute.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Prob lives down Copperhead Road