Actual movie of flying through Saturn’s rings

To borrow the vernacular from Breaking Bad:  Yeah science, bitch!

This guy took all of NASA’s Cassini photos of Saturn, and then edited them together into a movie (without CGI or effects), letting us really “fly” through actual space.

This is the teaser trailer.  Can’t wait for the full movie.  An IMAX versions is coming, apparently.


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  • Orange

    Well the shots of Earth and the Moon are not real, they are not that close to each other.

    • Orange

      I could be wrong. I’ll model it up today and see if I can replicate the effect with a long zoom.

    • Orange

      Well the sizes do indeed match up with what you would expect if the spacecraft was 1/3rd extra distance away from the Earth. I don’t understand how we can see stars in that shot (2.00) though. The moon would be so bright in comparison. Can’t wait for them to finish the film though. So beautiful.