Aerial view of SpaceX’s Grasshopper rocket taking off


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  • PlanetOrphan

    That’s cool, can even crash on demand

  • Orange

    How did you find this with only 3 views and it’s labelled as “comedy fail”? Why would they swipe it and label it that of all things. It’s incredible engineering.

  • snakebit

    Whats really great is that in the next few years SpaceX is going to be able to put rockets into space at about a third the cost of what NASA can do it. A case for private enterprise vrs government departments?? Yip, another one.

  • cows4me

    Oh come on, if you believe this shit you well believe Irish only drink on public holidays. Technology exists far beyond skyrockets and to believe otherwise is simply naïve. It’s claimed that military technology is at least 30 to 40 years ahead of civilian technology. Even it this statement is bullshit there so much evidence that rocket technology died more than 30 years ago. Rockets are bullshit, when the X15 was tested sub orbital flight was possible without launching a rocket. rockets were only used because they caught the publics imagination thus the billions of dollars needed for black budgets.

    • Orange

      too much drink

  • Mr_V4

    Will be interesting to see if a resuable, return to launchpad first and second stage system will be viable in terms of the payload it can lift.