An offer from a reader, driving homeless to Hamilton

via the tipline


Re. the “streeties” issue in Hamilton.  Many years ago Orlando, Florida wanted to be known as a compassionate city when it
came to the homeless. Rush Limbaugh took them at their word and began organising buses to send New York’s homeless south.  He rightly  wanted to send them to a place where they’d be “appreciated”.  Of course Orlando chucked a tanty but the hypocrisy had been identified…they want to “care” for them but god forbid anymore should appear!   

Perhaps we could do the same with Hamilton.  I’d be happy to drive any homeless Aucklander south!

Anyone up for a convoy?

Might have to hire a bus though because I’m not too keen on having a piss-soaked derelict stinking up my car for an hour and a bit to get to Hamilton?

How many can there be to move? a couple of hundred at most surely…two buses?


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  • Col

    This guy in the photo could have Shane Jones job, at least he aren’t telling porkies.

  • Alok Lim

    I think mayor brown can tackle this issue head on and can keep the homeless at his house after all he’s on $240k+ salary I’m sure he can built a 30storey apartment block on his land and also keep all the noisy idiots who like having parties at all hours in the morning, day and night. He can then experience how “liveable” Auckland really is and enjoy the wonders of unitary living

    • Mediaan

      $240K? Is that all they pay him?

      Down here in Christchurch, we pay the chief executive of the Council, ranking below the Mayor, three times that. We also allow him to moonlight, taking in outside work.

      When he is put on gardening leave (for being devious and totally useless), central government sends in a professional administrator on a temporary clean-up job, who gets $2000 per day.

      • Alok Lim

        I think our figures are out according to link below. Len earns more than Bob. Thats still far too much for someone who mismanages the city’s finances as well as he does!! I recall hearing he raised the citys debt by $1bn in a year and has more than 1,200 workers earning more than $100k.

        In pvt sector they make you work hard for most salaries. Govt sector is not a true reflection of productivity after all they can always raise taxes and keep on borrowing more. Such a huge waste of money.

        That was in 2012 according to

        • Mediaan

          My figures are correct, and in the earlier part of the comment they refer to the CEO, not travellin’ man Bob. Bob spent much of his time sister-citying.

          • Alok Lim

            Which site did you get your figures from i have searched Auckland council & got the following:


            Are they earning more than what is stated on their own site?? I read about the chief executive on $520k having had his salary raised by $60k for his “amazing work” for which he is now on paid leave for. Something doesnt add up here

          • Mediaan

            I think we are talking at cross-purposes. I didn’t mean to refer to Mayors’ salaries, except when comparing your note on Len’s to our CEO down in Christchurch. All those I quoted were Council employees.

  • unitedtribes

    I think this is actually Christchurch

  • Betty Swallocks

    “Might have to hire a bus though because I’m not too keen on having a piss-soaked derelict stinking up my car for an hour and a bit to get to Hamilton?”

    So you’re saying that you wouldn’t give Winston a lift then?