Another Dotcom lie busted


Billy Big Steps better get used to the colour orange

Billy Big Steps spent the first 5 minutes of his speech reading at parliament the other day moaning that he wasn’t advised that his time allocation had been changed.

Turns out like most things that are uttered by him, that it was a lie.

New information’s emerged that indicates German businessman Kim Dotcom was told his submission time on the GCSB Bill was being reduced

On Wednesday Mr Dotcom complained about his speaking time before the Committee being cut and said he’d been told he would be given 25 minutes. 

Parliamentary sources have told Newstalk ZB Mr Dotcom was contacted by email by the Intelligence and Security Committee ahead of his appearance and told his speaking time would be reduced.

Billy Big Steps just can’t tell the truth.

I look forward to him trying to campaign in next year’s election from a Federal Detainment Facility in LA while wearing an orange jump suit and stainless steel bracelets made by Smith and Wesson.


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  • peter

    He tweeted that he got an email telling him that time was reduced and complained on twitter.. dear say the tweets are now gone…

  • Justsayn

    He was complaining that his time had been reduced from 25 to 15, not that he hadn’t be told in advance.

    The whole submission was a publicity stunt which you are feeding into. I don’t give a shit what he thinks the legislation should or shouldn’t say, and I doubt anyone else (including those on the select committee) does either.

    • Troy

      Yup and the media feed him like he’s just come off a hunger strike. They are obsessed with him – so expect more wide angle coverage.

      • Mr_V4

        You actually find more dotcom coverage here compared with anywhere else.

  • Contractor

    Speaking of the GCSB hearings……

    Given most feel they have no problem with the Five Eyes accessing their private communications assume they also have no problem with the French accessing this information also?….no less than the only group of people ever to have committed an act of terrorism on NZ soil. They have nothing to hide after all, and if the 5 are, and those with form for acts of terror are, why draw the line, if its good enough for 4 states other than their own to access their info then whats another one…maybe the indonesians,or the chinese, might as well let the neighbors, to be honest I reckon I trust my neighbors more……maybe we just make it open source…after all us good folk have nothing to hide.

    • Mr_V4

      LOL, welcome to Whaleoil home of the “nothing to hide” cheersquad.

  • Justsayn

    In honor of Maori language week…

    The enormous enigmatic german ought concentrate efforts netting true rights including copyrights – or TE EGOCENTRIC

  • richard.b

    That picture reminds me of all the fatties at Disneyland who ride around on mobility scooters because they are too fat to walk around.

  • williamabong

    They actually gave him 15 minutes, that’s 14 more than he should have gotten, best idea would have been a quick 1 minute for good-byes and off to the airport, problem solved, and the sun would rise on a better place tomorrow.

    • He actually got 20 minutes in the end.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Then The Tibet Flag Gorilla wanted to take a vote to extend his time….Go figure that out….

      • Steve R

        Is he a New Zealand citizen . I pretty sure hes not , therefore he shouldnt even get 30 seconds

        • GazzW

          No he’s a resident. Doesn’t seem to matter though – Valerie Morse of Ureweras notoriety was born in Takapuna but is a US citizen and she had plenty to say today.