Anyone from Google New Zealand want to look into this scam?

You’d think that passing off on Google’s name would get you noticed, but it appears Google Directory is going strong:



“But wait”, you say, “nobody is stupid enough to believe that is Google”.

And you would be right.  But this is what they send out in their spammy emails



Now, dear readers, I’m sure you wouldn’t fall for this obvious scam, but it appears that no matter how much people are warned, there are still enough that will hand over their hard earned cash to scam artists like these.

It appears they don’t even pay their poor sales people

I have worked for as a Customer Service Representative’ Sales for 3 weeks and still haven’t got paid. I have a family to look after, hence the reason I look for work and I got the job through an agency, they won’t tell you anything about this job you’ve applied. Feels like chasing the wind within the circle, the amount of times I’ve asked, text, call the CEO for my pay, but I left with unanswered phone calls, the promising texts, ‘they missed the cut off last nite, it (the money) won’t be through till tomorrow (Saturday). ‘You will receive a full and final settlement offer today (3/07/2013)’ nothing happened, no money as of today. But it appeared as a very interesting business, declaring they are the largest online business directory in NZ which was launched on the 1st July 2013, this week.

Turns out they didn’t like that being on the Internet, and said they would pay if the above was removed

In addition, I received a phone call from the CEO of SMP Marketing, and Corporate Search (09/07/2013 @12:54pm), apparently 3 different names, operate from one place, one CEO, asking me to remove my publicity FIRST then I will get paid, put it in writing, email it to him.

Do you really think I’m that dump?, my respond was, ‘I am not removing any of my post until I get paid and I will continue to do so.’ Perhaps consider it as free advertisement for your Dodgy business, you’re still recruiting and I’m not surprised if people come and go and never get paid.

On their FB page, SMP Markeing working in conjunction with to launch NZ largest online directory, you are a joke. SMP are initials for the CEO’s name LOL whereas if you call their phone number 09-215-4249 they will answer ‘SMP Marketing good morning’ but if you sell their product and calling businesses, you will say ‘Hi this is Lisa from’ ‘Hi this is Lisa from Corporate Search’ …where do they operate from LVL 3, 369 Queen St, Auckland


You have been warned.

Ok, lets let our fingers to the walking: is owned and operated by Corporate Consultants & Advisory.

Company Office details lead us to the sole director, Simon Mcleod.

Meat the genius behind the operation:

googledirectories owner Simon Mcleod

googledirectories director Simon Mcleod




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  • blokeintakapuna

    Nothing better than witnessing a Friday morning spanking by Whale! Nice shot!
    Seems there’s a very lovely target for the ERA and maybe even the unions to investigate… and i’m sure he’d welcome the free publicity, so I hope the unions drag along a few tame repeaters to get some great TV “reality news”

    • Time For Accountability

      Lets invite Patrick to run a poll on it.

      Do we believe John Key knew about this business?

  • coventry

    Whale – dig a little deeper, have a look at the shareholders of that company, and then drill on through the shells until you find – Robert Warburton, then read –

    “An Auckland lawyer convicted of fraud for his role in a multimillion-dollar property scam has been struck off the roll of barristers and solicitors.

    Robert John Warburton was sentenced in January to 21 months’ jail, with leave to apply for home detention, after admitting four charges in connection with a $6.6 million scam that preyed on home owners, mainly in the Waikato.

    Warburton was convicted with more than a dozen others, including lawyers, mortgage brokers and accountants, arrested as part of the police Operation

    Kind of weird that a convicted fraudster can still hold directorships.

    • Oi… you’re running ahead of things here. Wait for the follow up posts :)

  • blokeintakapuna

    Love how WOBH is now not only the most credible bellwether and political polling source, but is also the valiant defender of right and wrong – especially with rogues that try and rip off NZer’s. Thanks Whale – you rock!
    Seems the SFO and ERA have had all the hard work done for them by WOBH – so maybe they should pay some kind of “bounty hunter fee” for WOBH reigning in the crooks?

    • I am already married to the Darth Blogger of the Blogosphere. Being married to a Bounty Hunter as well sounds pretty cool.

  • Orange

    What I like about the story is the line “Do you really think I’m that dump?”

    • RightNow

      I also liked “Meat the genius behind the operation:”

  • cows4me

    Yeah his eyes are way to close, dead give away.

  • Saccharomyces

    What the fuck is up with that shirt?!?!?

    • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

      He looks like one of The Originals.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Just out of curiosity what was the payment offer.

    Irrelevant given they had no intention of honoring it.

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