Arsenasty Lole Taylor loses the plot, Ctd

Asenati Lole Taylor is on form at the moment, this time she’s publicly discussing cases she’s working on by posting vague tweets about it without giving too much away. What a magnificent display of professionalism and privacy.





The majority of Chinese nationals currently residing in Samoa are expatriate businessmen Samoa,[4] and there are at least 30,000 people in Samoa who are of mixed Samoan and Chinese descent,[5] although they are classified as ethnic Samoans in official census.[6] Around the world, about 25% of all Samoans claim Chinese ancestry. Nearly all Chinese nationals in Samoa reside within the Apia municipal area; neighbouring American Samoa  – Wikipedia

I wonder if she has one of these?

The traditional Chinese camphor chest (jeung seung, 樟箱) has become commonplace in Samoan homes, where they are called atola’au. Ornately carved furniture and wall panels have also been adopted, often with Samoan-themed carvings and inlay.

Loved the way she managed to channel her inner Winston with the last tweet,  the irony of that is a significant portion of her home country is of Chinese descent.

I must say, an immigrant to this country making comment about overstayers did make me snigger….



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  • Elitist Tory

    Assuming for a moment this is legit and whaleoil is not engaging in a windup – playing a joke on his readers; can anyone think of a previous occasion when an MP has revealed details of a constituent matter on social media? or any media?

    After a number of attempts by MPs through the ages (everyone from Peter Dunne to Damian Green in the UK) to insist and establish that constituent correspondence or records are confidential – this turkey broadcasts constituent details to the world!

    No wonder Winston is a drunk if THIS is the depths you have to sink to find anyone willing to go on your party list.

    • Travis Poulson

      Which part of it do you suspect is not legit? Are you accusing us of creating the Pegasus account? Shame on you. It is 100% legit, Lole Taylor doesn’t need baiting, she has a history of making idiotic comments on Twitter.

      Edit: now you tell me if that account is “legit” enough for you.

      • Dave

        Travis. Very factual post, if you stopped at Idiotic comments!!

        • Travis Poulson

          Edit: Lole Taylor doesn’t need baiting, she has a history of making idiotic comments.

      • Elitist Tory

        Ok keep your hair on – I just wondered if it was a windup, a joke, a bit of satire of Parliament’s stupidest member.

        Because it is so over the top and weird – esp from an MP – wondered if you were having a bit of Saturday afternoon fun at the expense of your readers.

        But ok – it is legit – I get it; just think its pretty awful she would do this; as you say she has lost the plot.

        • Travis Poulson

          I can understand how you could mistake this for satire/setup, but yes, she is really that inept. I’m not silly enough to put the blog in jeopardy by faking such things. She was also jumping for joy when Dunne resigned claiming a great victory for “us” (NZ First) but when I questioned her on Winstons 158k she danced around it like a cat on a hot tin roof.

        • island time

          It crossed my mind as well (wind up). Her comment is so stupid its hard to believe it could happen.

  • Hello Whale Oil folks,

    I just posted a comment on The Daily Blog Post ( I’m not sure if they will publish it.

    Even though I may not agree with all of your views I believe your blog plays a
    very important part in New Zealand democracy and in promoting freedom of
    expression and speech in a country plagued with political correctness and
    cowardice. Well done.

    As for the following comment, make it into a blog post if you have to! I would be proud to be your guest blogger.


    NZ First’s racist agenda and hypocrisy on “immigration issues” is hardly a secret. It is hilarious that you point out the irony of Chinese origins of many Samoans.

    But jokes aside, If controlling illegal immigration and protecting New Zealand’s border and security is the main concern of NZ First, then how come Asenti or Winston Peters never talked about Tongans with criminal record entering New Zealand??? Read about it here:

    Asenti– “Ummm… I’m gonna stay quiet about these Tongans because as you
    can read from my Tweets I love my Pacific Islander brothers and sisters. But
    let me dig some dirt on these FUCKING Asians and Chinese that I so FUCKING
    Hate… Grrrrrrrr….”

    Winston Peters– “VOTE NEW ZEALAND FIRST to keep the Chinese out and
    Pacific Islanders in. By the way, we’re not opposed to open immigration as long
    as the immigrants are the kind of people who vote for my political party.
    Muahahah ha ha ha ha…..”

    Labour Party– “We claim to be the party that favours “minority” rights…. But, to tell you the truth, we are so pissed off with fucking Asians because they keep voting National.

    For fuck’s sake, higher education, hardwork, ambition, career and success aren’t the only things in life! Look at Pacific Islanders, they’re more than happy to stay working class and do minimum wage jobs (and vote for us) and not become middle-class like these fucking Asians (and vote National).

    “Thank God, most working class Pacific Islanders still vote for us. That’s why Winston Peters is our natural ally. We will let him do the dirty job of cutting down the fucking Chinese and Asians and eat into National’s support base. Viola!

    See how clever we are??! *Wink Wink* Vote Labour. “

    • Travis Poulson

      Thanks Rajiv, it will be posted for 5pm.

      • Much appreciated. Please include my full name: Rajiv Thind. Also with the post give a link to my blog (It’s a general/personal blog not about NZ politics) :

    • Whanga_Cynic

      Doesn’t look too promising on the Daily Blag – this is what you get with your link –
      Error 404 – Not Found. The page you were looking for does not exist. Try searching below…

      • Remove the last ) and the link works. Thank you.

  • Teletubby

    Aside from the obvious confidentiality issue does the taxpayer normally pay MPs to get involved in the marital problems of private individuals? Surely her involvement should end at, “I suggest you hire a lawyer to help you like everyone else does.”

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  • Steve (North Shore)

    A lot of people are finding out about Racism

  • flashman

    Any reason why a (legal) immigrant shouldn’t be as much against overstayers as anyone else?