Back in ya box, Ctd

This BACK IN YA BOX series shows Kiwis that the world hasn’t ended and people can get on with their lives despite seeing TV ads encouraging us to buy their products.

It also serves as a lesson to those academic troughers demanding politicians bring in ad bans and fat taxes to save us from ourselves.

The sad thing is that the Green Taliban don’t think Kiwis can be trusted to make decisions, and their ‘12 point diabetes action plan’ is a further attack on New Zealanders’ freedoms. 

No doubt senior Green Taliban leaders are being fed ideas by those academic troughers who see a Green Government as a great way to keep the troughing going.

So to finish this series, here’s a Golden Oldie TV ad for all those who wish the PC brigade would get back in ya box.



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  • Michael

    Who wants to live forever? I’d rather live 70 years and have some fun than live 100 years and spend the last 15 sitting in my own crap in a retirement home.

  • motorizer

    i think one of the best things you can do for your kids is teach them that ads are to be ignored and to make up you own mind for yourself based on what you know and not what someone is being paid to tell you. applies to Ads, school, politics, work… life in general.

    • MySky solved the ad problem sometime ago for my teenagers

      • motorizer

        fuck sky. its full of shit. ANDROID TV ALL THE WAY from now on.

  • LionKing

    Loved the series WO. Good work showing up the PC fanatics for what they are.