Back in ya Box

Every day it seems there’s someone banging on about fatties and how it’s not their fault and it’s all some big, cunning conspiracy and “corporate takeover” by manufacturers. [On the plus side at least there wasn’t a “sad face” in the article.]

What no sad face?

What no sad face?

This usually leads to calls from do-gooders for more regulation, more restrictions and more taxes. This has got me thinking. 

So-called academics always pull out the old chestnut of “we” need to do this “to protect children”.  As this is all very alarming, the next trick is to paint someone or some industry as the villain and therefore everything they do must be evil and bad and the only reason they exist is to trap kids as young as possible into wanting their products, all in the name of profit.

As a result of that claptrap, they push for bans on advertising.

Then I remembered the TV ads when I was young when didn’t have academic troughers moaning every-day.

I’ll do a series of posts that bring back the good ol’ days. A bit of perspective is needed next time there’s call for advertising bans.


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  • Red

    Give her a break – she’s an author – so obviously that qualifies as a nutritionist, sociologist, marketing guru and stay at home busy body.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Heard a speech by a very wealthy man once:
    He said:
    “I used to be very fat, I lost 80Kg.
    The key was to understanding the problem.
    When I figured out, that it wasn’t someone else’s fault, and I didn’t have a thyroid problem…what I had was a knife, fork and spoon problem! That’s when I started to fix the problem. I also figured out that this was true of everything in my life!”
    Whether your problems are your own fault, someone else’s fault or just dumb luck. You can bet on one thing…the only solution to your problem is YOU and what YOU will do next to solve them!

    • spiker

      Never a truer word.

  • metalnwood

    black and white and cowboys and indians are in fashion, love it.

  • spiker

    Obesity can be genetic but most is self-induced or incurred by ignorance of proper dietary regimes, especially in the case of women.

    • Phil

      Stupidity is also genetic

      • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

        This news is thrilling to the Labour party, this is why they can trap people in poverty and low expectations and then receive a vote from them every three years, and for the few that do escape and become middle trash, their children will be stupid enough to vote for the Green party.

    • johnbronkhorst

      I don’t have a problem with Obesity. Just people who moan about it and blame others for it.
      On the other side of the coin, I detest people tha trun people down for their choices (provided those choices are legal and don’t hurt anyone else).