Black Ivory Coffee follow up


Last year I wrote a post about Black Ivory Coffee…the most expensive coffee in the world , even more expensive that Kopi Luwak. Like Kopi Luwak though it is processed via an animal and their intestinal tract and sifted out of their dung.

This morning I received an email from the founder:


Thanks for your coverage on Black Ivory Coffee a few months back. Your readers may be interested to learn that it is available to the public
until August 16. 

There was this video as well:

Black Ivory Coffee is naturally refined by rescued Thai elephants. It is the world’s rarest (300 kg available for 2013) and most uniquely processed coffee. According to media reports it is also the most expensive. It has taken the founder, Blake Dinkin, 10 years and his life savings to develop this product.

Black Ivory Coffee starts with the highest quality 100% Thai Arabica beans which are then ingested and naturally refined by rescued Thai elephants.  This process removes the bitterness from coffee and infuses the fruit of the cherry into the bean. The result is a cup of coffee that is floral, chocolate in aroma with a flavour that can be described as a mix of chocolate, ripe red cherries and a hint of grass with no bitterness or burnt taste.

I’d love to try this…perhaps they will send me some for posting about their project.


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  • Dave

    Cam, Would LOVE to try a cup myself, suggest they donate you a mere 1/2 Kg and perhaps a select few fans could enjoy a cup of your finest at a nominated cafe one day.

  • Blake Dinkin

    Cam, thanks for sharing the update. I will make you a deal. If 4 of your readers like Dave below purchase the Hotel Version (1 x 35 gram pack) of Black Ivory Coffee and then write a comment saying they made the purchse because of Whaleoil. I will send you 1 x 35 gram pack for free. Plus you get a free plug. Are your readers game? Here is the link again:

  • Blake Dinkin

    I should clarify, write a comment on my campaign site, post purchase, as opposed to here as I want to give you the plug.

  • wiltinpenis

    “I’d love to try this….”

    Please WO, leave it to the elephants. ;-)

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    So it is elephant shit? Reminds me of that scene in Austin Powers… One born every minute.

    • WayneO

      It tastes a bit nutty.