Bye Bob, don’t let the door hit you in the arse on the way out

Bob Parker has jacked it in.

Out of luck, out of money and his donors deserting him…made the right decision.

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker has pulled out of the upcoming mayoral race.

He announced his decision onCampbell Live?this evening.?

Mr Parker earlier said the operations of the entire city council may need to be examined in detail following the building consents issue.

A Crown manager has been appointed to organise the consents department until it regains its accreditation. The manager will stay in place until December next year, allowing the council time to return to a “robust organisation that does not require this level of management again in the future.”

He should actually go now…no point in remaining, his council is at sixes and sevens…and likely to get worse. National should ensure Bob Parker gets no cushy jobs.

Lianne Dalziel will be the next?Mayor?of Christchurch…and we can look forward to a by-election battle that Labour must win…plus with the added benefit of the “Man Ban” possibly being used.