Bye, bye Tony, now your turn Bob

Tony Maryatt is now on gardening leave and the government is now managing the consenting process:

Christchurch City Council chief executive Tony Maryatt is taking leave and a Crown manager installed to oversee consents.

The council has issued a statement announcing Marryatt was taking leave “pending further discussions with the council”.

General manager city environment Jane Parfitt will be acting chief executive.?

Wider Earthquake Communities Action Network chairman Rev Mike Coleman said Maryatt’s decision to take leave was long overdue.

“I think Marryatt needed to take responsibility for the consent debacle,” he said. “He should’ve resigned last year.”

Controversy surrounding the embattled Maryatt, and poor decision-making had led to his demise, Coleman said.

“Pending further discussions” means negotiating just how much ratepayer loot he gets to trouser to piss off.

The problem is immense and some indication of the size of the issue is covered in the article.

It is time for Bob Parker to show some?humility?too…he backed Tony Maryatt, now he must follow him out the door.