Can you beat 16 tries?

via Kottke


Play the one-second stopwatch game…it took me 62 tries to hit 1:00 exactly. We used to play this in school with an actual digital watch. We also had a version where we’d see how fast we could start and stop the timer.  

Travis informs me he had a watch almost exactly the same when he was younger. I had some mates that had the one with the space invader game on it.

Anyway I hit the 00:01:00 in 16 tries on my first try…and 13 times on the second attempt. Can you beat that?



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  • Steve R

    haha I remember that game , I used to play it in church haha . But I used to see how fast I could start and stop it . Many a boring sermon was passed deep in watch stop as I called it .
    Of course I do wish the preachers back then were a lot quieter back then like they have been during the gay marriage debate hahaha . wouldn’t that have made for a fun debate . Just imagine that Tamaki nut job foaming at the mouth on the telly at dinner time .

    • Kimbo

      “haha I remember that game , I used to play it in church haha”.


      God will not be mocked!

      I had a friend who had a calculator and was caught by his Sunday School teacher doing the spelling game – 58008 upside down is “BOOBS”. He was promised that if he could spell something related to the lesson he had no been paying attention to he would not be punished.

      He came up with 37818 – but still got punished.

  • Never in the dark…..

    I love the sound effects when you get close. “tda-tda-tda”, “awww”

  • mjg6

    sorry, but it only took me 13 – and no, i didn’t do it all morning – first go

  • Middleagedwhiteguy

    4 tries!

    Beat that!

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    I used to start and stop it before it could hit one split second. Do you think this is easy?