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UAH Atmospheric Science professor Dr. John Christy destroys the Global Warming scare in 7 slides. Extreme weather  increasing?  Record temperatures? All nonsense.  And then there’s this (below)…
Climate Change Roundtable Presentation – John R. Christy, GLOBAL WARMING



The four charts showing planet earth is doing just fine.



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  • cows4me

    Where’s our resident government science advisor on this or his he still contemplating his navel. The scam and rip offs have to end, clearly there are no hard arguments for the extortion of millions of dollars from the population. It’s a fucking lie National and you bastards know it or are you all gutless wonders and fear the evil pricks in the UN and Mr Obummer will be cross if you tell them to take a flying fuck. C’mon grow some balls and dumb this bullshit. Any taxes based on this crap is fraud and does nothing for our competitiveness . How about leading the world and taking a stand.

  • kehua

    Nuff said really, but the blind will not see it. AT first I thought it was paid ignorance on the part of `Scie-wannabees`, but it has morphed into State funded Extortion and wilfull misinformation. Unfortunately the liars have now got a whole Generation of children brainwashed World wide. I tell my grandchildren that when their teachers tell them the World is warming and the ice is melting, that their Grandad says she is a Liar and I would like to hear from her……….yep still waiting.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Facts can be so inconvenient when trying to manufacture scaremongering propaganda…
    Russell should call for an enquiry!

  • Magoo
  • All_on_Red

    Great fucking post Cam. I’m gonna nick that link. Will we see this on the TV1 news? Or the Herald? Doubt it. Blind green scum