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This idiot parked across both the only two reserved for disabled people carparks in the public carpark between Ascot Hospital and the racecourse in Auckland.
I checked, no disabled stickers in the window.
Love the personalised message on the back window sticker in photo 2!!  Gold indeed.
Could not resist sending that to you.

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  • Dave

    Well spotted by the reader. What I loved was the 4×4 wheel cover on the back, the old Honda CRV jap import wouldn’t be able to spin the wheels on wet grass let alone be a 4×4

  • Bunswalla

    Gold! I’m still waiting for the first pic of a car being towed with a WO Parking Ticket tucked under the wipers.

  • flashman

    I bet s/he claims the paint on the ground was too faint to see. In which case, if their eyesight’s that bad, what are they doing behind the wheel of a car.

    • Never in the dark…..

      Poor eyes wouldn’t be their first handicap.

  • Mediaan

    What a loser.

  • Sym Gardiner

    Well deserved