Compromise on “Man Ban”? What happened to principles?


Sue Moroney told The Nation yesterday that she had prepared a compromise on the man ban. I struggling to understand how this will clarify anything.

The left wing and various spokes-people for Labour have spent the weekend telling us this is a matter of principle…and now Sue Moroney has informed that nation via television that those principles don’t matter for much, they are in fact trading cards in the game of compromise.

Labour’s women’s affairs spokeswoman, Sue Moroney has a compromise plan on the “Man Ban” to take to the party’s annual conference in November.

Ms Moroney said her proposal would select candidates based on their character, not gender.

“It says that all of our candidates no matter what gender will have to pass a certain criteria before they’re even going to be considered and then we’ll make sure that they’re competent and they’re not Aaron Gilmore, ” she told TV3’s The Nation.  

First question that sprung to mind is “they don’t check out people’s character now?”.

I guess that explains a lot about so many Labour’s MPs, they either have huge character flaws, or none at all.

Second question is “Why the savage attack on Mallard now? Is the real schism in Labour Shearer vs Robertson vs Cunliffe, or Mallard vs the girls?”

Here’s some advice for the Labour sisterhood. Sit down pussycats, and just smile for a bit. You are drawing attention to yourselves as precisely the wrong time.


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  • williamabong

    The rocket scientist has just woken up to how stupid, decisive, and sexist her pathetic attempt at social engineering is.
    All this from the party that claims to represent ordinary working Kiwis, Sue you and all your pathetic friends are fucked in the head, are you sure you’re not on a commission from The Gweens to bump up their market share, it certainly looks like it.

    • Mallard the duck

      The sex change clinics must be rubbing their hands in anticipation ….

  • Allyson

    Sue Moronish still cannot understand why nobody wants more of her ilk. Will someone tell her?

    • johnbronkhorst

      She can’t get anyone to vote for HER, another list trougher!!!
      ’08………Hamilton East….LOST
      ’11………Hamilton East….LOST

      • She is the product of affirmative action. No wonder she is scared of the Man Ban being overturned!

      • Agent BallSack

        Hamilton East. Now thats Labia voting territory if there ever has been one. Even they won’t vote for her, shows how fucking useless Sue Moroney is.

      • Dave

        You left out 2014 John…… Did not make the starters box, a late scratching.

      • Dave

        I’m recommending her to campaign in many safe labour seats in the country. The Nats wont need to spend a cent on campaigning, just point out their opposition.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Political damage control!
    They obviously thought LONG and HARD about this …(policy?)
    It appears they had NO doubts about it, while talking about it, formulating it and writing it down. This would possibly have taken months (if not why would anyone vote for a party that has people that make snap decisions without consultation or research?),. So it IS how they think!!! Only now they have seen that NOBODY agrees with it and also sees it as a clumsy attempt to win the female vote (divisive and “pigeon hole politics”) and they are attempting to minimise the damage!!!

    • Bunswalla

      ooooh, LONG and HARD – titter, snigger

      • johnbronkhorst

        If you bait the hook…you’ll always catch something!

    • williamabong

      Please do not use words such as LONG and HARD here, it has inferences about male genitalia, and we will have none of that sort of talk here, Helen would not be impressed, thank you very much

  • AnonWgtn

    Moaner Morony is only putting another interpretation on the Man Ban project.
    Underneath it will amount to the same result.
    Like most feminists they are inveterate liars, and will twist words to suit themselves.

  • Mark

    Presumably “character” is a euphemism for “vagina”.

    • richard.b

      That works
      Len Brown is a Fucking Character

  • Spiker

    I had never heard of this Sue Moron before the Man Ban lunatic idea. To think I am paying towards her wages makes me sick.

  • Agent BallSack

    Damn if they have to be competent, where are they going to get 33 new MPs from. (I know theres 34 but I don’t mind Damien)

    • parorchestia

      Hand me my dress.

  • Mallard the duck

    ok you labour MP blokes, if you want to keep your place on the list, best you start looking for a sex change.

  • Liberty

    I suspect the Man Ban policy was not supposed to become public.
    It was part of the hidden agenda. There is also the green factor.
    With the forming of the grand coalition Greens/Labour/NZFirst
    Now it’s more than likely NZFirst want make next year. For a number of reasons.
    Mostly because they are racist and the fact Winston can’t work with anyone and
    being just the third fiddle in the pack is not going to work.
    Green/Labour will be harmonising their policies. Most of which are so vile
    they really don’t want them talked about in public.
    As they will be the laughing-stock as has happen over the last few days.

  • pukakidon

    People like the Moron have to have quotas. It is the only way they can get through their pathetic low level of intelligence lives. Someone else more qualified or better has to lose in order that they can make their way. Selfish incompetent woman like that make me very angry.

    She is obviously one of the low intelligence Females that we have to suffer in order to be “Fair”

  • Dave

    Best points
    1) The Labour Conference is in November….
    2) This gives us all FOUR glorious months for her and Labour to confirm their stupidity
    3) Poor Shearer will be gone within 2 months
    4) Watch moronic Sue climb up Shearers successor’s backside with more stupid ideas and policy.

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    Labour indeed does select candidates based on character, or lack thereof.