Council backs down, what will the poor workers think of their bosses now?

The Hamilton City Council has shown just how committed they are to their workers…by backing down over their stupid living wage proposals.

Plans to lift the minimum wage for Hamilton City Council staff have failed.

An ambitious proposal to introduce a “living wage” of $18.40 per hour over two years was today voted down 6-5 as councillors baulked at its costs. 

The council voted in May to introduce a living wage over two years, from this year, on the strength of a February estimate it would cost $168,000 to lift pay rates for 80 permanent council staff now paid between the minimum and living wages.

But management now say the resolution covered 144 staff, and their revised estimates showed the cost would be at least $643,000.

Mayor Julie Hardaker said once the council’s “toe was in the water” on a living wage policy it would be very difficult to review it, or roll the changes back.



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  • RockyFist

    Those fuckwits are all gone after the Fluoride debacle. At the next election the silent majority will let them know what they thought of that decision and vote most of them out.

  • blokeintakapuna

    Legally, there would be immense issues should any employer raise someone’s pay and then attempt to lower back to previous levels if the person didn’t agree to it.
    Besides, it’s not the Council’s role to define what is or isn’t a “living wage” – which is a populist sound-bite invent by leftie politicians attempting to grasp an issue as a lifejacket as their sinking ship flounders…
    Social Engineering has been tried by the previous Labour government – NZ didn’t like it or agree with it. Labour were handed their butts on a plate after Key/National opened a can of “whip-ass” on their butts!
    Stick to your job Councils

    • Hazards001

      National may have handed Helen and her poofter socialists an ass whooping bloke but we’re still waiting nearly five years later for them to actually reverse any of the social engineering policies put into play by the feminazis and arse bandits.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Do you recon they have finally figured out who’s money they are spending?

    • JC

      Probably the most successful local body ever was straight after the Napier Earthquake. The Govt disbanded the Napier CC and appointed a three man board.. a widely respected judge, an engineer and an administrator. These three organised relief, the new theme for the town, all the consultations and whilst they were at rebuilt the town in quick order. After the rebuild was well advanced they stepped down to much praise.

      What I’m getting at is there is a difference between representation as in a Member of Parliament and a local body whose main job is to unblock the sewers, ie, we really don’t need *representatives* on councils, we need people who can do stuff.

      When Warren Cooper was mayor of Queenstown there was a furor about a broken footpath caused by an historic tree.. while council and preservationists were arguing about what to do Cooper went out in the middle of the night and dumped cold mix in the cracks.

      And thats what is missing in Hamilton, Chch and a dozen other towns.. we dont have people in councils who understand the basics of the job.


      • blokeintakapuna

        Couldn’t do that today. The EPMU and other unions would jump up and down screaming blue murder because some council management “disadvantaged” a union worker by taking away their workload and overtime to get the job done…

        • Bad__Cat

          Don’t forget needing a Carriage Access Request, a Traffic Management Plan, a Health & Safety Report, and a Tool Box Meeting.

          • johnbronkhorst

            Isn’t it amazing that people like the Greens want to save forests, all the while creating and supporting a MOUNTAIN of PAPERwork!

  • williamabong

    Isn’t it just wonderful how clever the wannabe social engineers are with someone elses money, nothing like a reality check to level the playing field, take note Helen Kelly.

  • Dani

    Maybe we should pay them the “living wage”…after all this they’ve learnt to count and multiply!

  • manuka416

    The councillors/idiots shouldn’t have gone there in the first place. It’s the old political cliche: out of touch with the electorate. Roll on October elections.

  • Elitist Tory

    As I said the other day they should be going in the other direction and cutting wages to around $10 per hour to save money; rubbish collectors and lavatory cleaners do not require fat pay packets.

    • kehua

      So prick, what would you charge to clean someone elses shit of a toilet wall.

  • cows4me

    Many councils in NZ are bordering on becoming criminal organisations. The example of these parasitic worms in Hamilton is just one of many. Councils hiding behind the rule of law steal as much of their ratepayers wealth they can get their thieving hands on. Just look at the charges they pocket for building consents, parking and traffic enforcement, water management, ratepayers money sunk into private enterprise ( farms etc ), council owned business competing with the private sector etc. Many councils are millions in debt, do you think they give a fat rats arse, the ratepayers will cough up. Local government moans about closing business and lack of governmental support but fail to realise they are part of the problem, they’re thieving bastards.

  • Col

    If you don’t do it someone else will.
    If your not happy find another job.
    Yes you do have a job.
    I am worth more, ask for it.

  • LesleyNZ

    If Hamiltonians have any sense they will be out voted out come this October. Now they need to backtrack on the fluoride decision. Hmmmm – having a woman as Mayor could be one of the main problems with Hamilton Council. Labour Party – take note!

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    The cost of living tends to rise when people in lower level jobs are given money because of what they spend it on. The exacerbate the problem further, the government taxes booze and cigarettes and has a 15% GST. If they care about living wages and working people, you’d think they’d do everything they can to lower commodity prices also. I want greater reward for my labour, so I sure as hell don’t vote Labour.