Killed for being SOCK

The other day I blogged about the tragic death of another kid. I called the trifecta, Maori, Silly First Name Syndrome and SOCK.

Turns out I was right, the last piece of the puzzle has fallen into place…SOCK. It would appear this child has been killed for being SOCK.

There were only two other people in the house where 1-year-old Atreyu Taylor-Matene suffered fatal head injuries: his mother and her new partner, police say.  

A homicide investigation was launched after the baby boy died after receiving significant head injuries at the Kamo home.

Atreyu was admitted to Whangarei Base Hospital on the morning of Friday, July 12, before being flown to Starship Hospital in Auckland, where he died that evening.

No doubt at all about Maori, nor the Silly First Name Syndrome, now it is a case of eeny-meeny-miney-mo to find the killer of this kid.

Have we heard anything yet from the leaders of the Maori party or Mana party, or will this be whitey’s fault too.


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  • Muffin


    • BigDes

      Some other c—ts kid

      • Muffin


        • Travis Poulson

          And not ‘clots’ either. Some Other ‘Len Browns’ Kid.

  • BigDes

    Obviously bashing your children is a cultural thing–

    Friends of the child’s mother turned to Facebook to pass on messages of support.

    “I believe it was a tragic accident. I did a Google search on children falling from beds and there are cases recorded as high as 12 years old where the results are fatal. They’re making a tragic accident look horrific,” said Verndora Smith.

    • Muffin

      Fucking rubbish, lock them both up, the animal for doing it and the mother for letting the pig in the house.

      • Kendall

        I agree

        • Cadwallader

          Yep!! The fucking whanau will close ranks and talk shit rather than exposing the piece of crap who did this… Hey, Hone is the new “partner” a brown mofo?

    • Jimmie

      Yeah that soft carpet and underlay is really vicious and causes all sorts of angry injuries.

      What a dreamer – honestly folk like that could do with a good horsewhipping to knock some sense into them.

      • Dave

        Obviously pakeha, asian and all other cultures babies / infants land on soft carpet differently Jimmie, they seem to survive those nasty falls!

        • mike

          That’s because us dirty oppressive whiteys can afford the soft carpet with underlay… like walking on a cloud!

  • IWantToBeLikeMallardOneDay

    Have you heard of cultural relativism? This is the kind of shit that journalists learn in “school”. Basically it means that values are based upon cultural perspectives, so if Maori people think it’s fine to bash a kid, then who are we as cultural outsiders to judge?
    Moral and cultural relativism has been hugely influential in academic culture for the last 30 years.

  • Dave

    For me, the police have given away enough clues, and are just waiting for the bits to fall into place before arresting one for MURDER and the other, as an accessory to MURDER.

    1) Police have said it is an ongoing Homocide enquiry Not an accident investigation
    2) They know they will be blamed for being racially insensitive if they move too soon, so taking it slow, gathering evidence etc.
    3) Tomorrow is friday, I’m predicting it will be late friday or early next week, watch the media, one of these two will rat the other out now.

    Condolences to the family who were NOT involved in any way, and to the father, he sounds like he was not involved in harming his son.

    However, I am equally appalled by the Silence form Maori Leaders, where are you, why haven’t you spoken, what will you do to prevent MAORI KILLING THEIR KIDS.

    None of you are worthy of the ongoing support from your own people, let alone the rest of NZ. LEAD you useless buggers – LEAD, you are complicit in the ongoing death of Maori children, as you don’t do anything to stop this. Apologies for the (last part) rant over, the lack of leadership within maori makes me very very angry. Us WFM cant say anything, it would be considered Racist!!

    • Col

      They have given up Dave.
      I m not sorry too say this now, but the Maori are basic animal when comes to this, and so whites.
      As we know the Tiger will kill those that it has not sired , yes they are animals, and yes they should feel the BOLT GUN in the back of the neck.
      What do we do, what the fuck do we do. For fuck sake what do we do.

    • paddles83

      Fuck off the cops are gutless as its a black mother fucker and his bitch that killed the SOCK

  • Lion_ess

    Must be enough of these dogs to get their own wing – go and join the other gutless cowards who murder babies. As for the dumb fuck of a mother who needs another jockey before her baby has reached 1, her lack of breeding is part of the problem.

    • Travis Poulson

      I was one of the few, (one of the only other few being you) that found it a little distasteful with Cam’s version of maori language week. Not more than a couple of weeks later, this happens.

      After this has happened I have to concede that the only way to deal to this is sunlight, however it is delivered. Enough is enough.

      • Dave

        Agree totally Travis about the Sunlight on that particular group. There is bad in every sector of society, even some lawyers stuff up, but this, its terrible, worse still their leaders remain silent.

        PS: I thought Cams version of Maori Language week was hilarious, a good laugh. Sometimes we need to laugh together at ourselves. Remember Bitty T. And the Fab Steady Eady!! No one could call what they said discriminatory could they!!

        • Travis Poulson

          My issue was with the baby pics, but as I say the only way to deal to this is sunlight, however it is delivered.

          • Col

            Ok show me the path too sunlight, because I keep hearing this story of ——————————–. I do not know how I can help, tell me?

          • Travis Poulson

            Sunlight = exposure, which should be beamed into all the dark dirty corners of society.

          • Col

            I thought that was happening, but no one wants too go there, right? What do we do, I really mean it what do we do?

          • Travis Poulson

            Not “no one wants to go there” but “they” don’t want to go there, if you get my drift.

    • Dave

      Their whanau make up the majority of any racial group in Kiwi prisons already, they aren’t learning nothing fast cus!

  • GeorgeRomero

    In the old days the offending baby was simply placed into a basket and tied to the rafters of the whare to starve to death , thus giving the warning to the woman to steer clear of further sperm doners outside of the claimed ,unprotected woman’s whare that the brute had taken as booty(taonga).Harawirastinians up north know this only too well and have pride in continuing this practice , albeit in a somewhat quicker and less unobtrusive way , (as in not disrupting his drinking of piss) , by the SOCK not painfully crying for 40 hours before death.RIP baby.

    • motorizer

      Seriously? Is there a name for that practice?

      • GeorgeRomero

        Yep its called tapu , look for Richard Taylor early NZ missionary’s book Te Ika a Maui chapter 9 read the whole thing , very interesting. A woman of rank would frequently be allowed to live with a slave for a time, without her being considered as belonging to him longer than she might feel disposed to remain, or until her friends might dispose of her to one of suitable rank. Te Heuheu allowed his young daughter to live with a common Pakeha, who was tramping about in order that he might be said to have an European belonging to him; but the chief of his tribe said they should soon take her away, and bestow her in marriage on a young man of rank. When this liason was formed against the father’s wish, and there was offspring, the grandfather frequently destroyed it. A chief of Rotoaira, only a few years ago, thus destroyed the illegitimate infant of his daughter by cruelly tying it up in a basket to one of the rafters of his house, and there leaving it to perish; the mother, ill from the loss of her child, came to me for medicine, but she did not seem to grieve for her infant’s death.

  • Phil

    Clearly this is a direct result of the recent welfare changes. Bad Govt!

  • Jmac

    Cam’s version of language week made me uncomfortable.

    And it ought to make me uncomfortable. Child murder ought to make us squirm in our chairs. Shiver us to our bones. Fill us with discontent as righteous anger boils our blood.

    We must be uncomfortable to break the apathy that allows these killings to occur. The societal apathy that makes us shrug our shoulders instead of demanding zero tolerance.

    Come on Pita, Tariana, Hone, David Rankin et al. Lead the way.
    And come on politicians and those involved in the justice system. Let the murder of a child be met with a real life sentence, no parole. Enough is enough.

    • Col

      They were told that years ago, sorry they do nothing. What do we do?

  • Tiberius

    I want to hear what Hone has to say on the matter, after all it was his constituency where this happened. I’m all ears Hone!! His silence is deafening.

  • snakebit

    I really dont want this to be about race. I dont believe one race is better than another and would rather judge a person on the ‘content of their character rather than the colour of their skin’ etc etc. But alas I find myself more defensively aware in darker suburbs (which I avoid anyway) and when I hear of another one of these cases I’m not surprised in the slightest when those involved are maori…again. I have no answers.

    • Col

      None of us do, I feel for you as I feel the pain myself, what do we do?

    • phronesis

      Its not about race. The problem here is culture. Specifically stone age cultures like maori. The stone age cultures that my ancestors practiced a few thousand years ago were pretty brutal too but I don’t go around pretending they are a good way to live today. Nor do I subscribe to some noble savage bullshit that these cultures were anything other than brutal. The problem with maori is not their “race” but their fucking awful culture which is propped up and promoted by the taxpayer.

      I’m a culturalist and proud of it.

      Same goes for the towelheads.

      • Greg

        To true………………..