Dodgy union ratbags on the bludge

Union leaders the world over treat their members with contempt, troughing it up off of the back of their dues. We have seen the dodgy ratbags hauled before the corruption commission in Australia and now in the UK the largesse of greedy fat cat union bosses is exposed.

Union leaders have enjoyed pay rises of up to 60% and £90,000 “golden-goodbyes” while their members are struggling to cope with rising living costs and pay freezes, according to official accounts.

Official accounts that unions dodge filing properly in New Zealand.

Financial statements published by the Trade Union Certification Office show that almost 40 union leaders have received six-figure pay packages in the past year, including one union leader who received £230,000.

Richard Bacon, a Conservative member of the Public Accounts Committee, said: “Trade union leaders have always looked after themselves extremely well, I don’t think it should be a surprise to anyone.

“These are tough times for everyone at the moment. The trade unions, as representatives of many working people, should know that as well as anyone.”

Paul Noon, the highest paid union leader, received £231,585 shortly before stepping down as the General Secretary of Prospect.  

His pay package was inflated by a £108,000 pension contribution, which the union said he was “contractually entitled to” because he left a year early. The contribution was £89,355 more than he received in 2011.

Prospect represents 34,000 specialist civil servants who are struggling to cope with a three year pay freeze.

At the time the pay freeze was announced in 2010, Mr Noon criticised MPs for giving themselves a 1.5 per cent pay rise at the same time as treating civil servants “harshly”.

Let’s see how many union bosses are on fat cat 6-figure salaries here…bet it is heaps.

Jonathan Baume, the former chairman of the FDA, which represents senior civil servants, received a £156,000 pay package, including £39,377 of “compensation for loss of office” after leaving last year.

According to the accounts, many union leaders also received significant pay rises.

Dr Peter Carter, the head of the Royal College of Nursing has seen his pay package rise from £66,869 to £109,000.

Dr Carter’s gross salary rose from £59,540 to £97,000, while his employer’s national insurance contribution rose from £7,329 to £12,000. Nurses pay rose by just 1 per cent in April after two years of pay freezes.

The Royal College of Nursing said his pay has not risen because he was previously paid separately for professional and charitable duties. That pay is now declared in the trade union accounts.

The teacher unions in New Zealand put the salaries of their bosses through the government payroll…yes… the taxpayer pays their salaries.


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  • Rodger T

    The trouble with parasites is eventually they will kill the host.
    Luckily for the unions their host is too thick to understand that they would be better off without the parasite.

    • owl

      Hmmm wonder what Andrew little earnt through the bargaining agent company which has a $6m loss?